AXS Account Manager

Your AXS Account Manager is your ticketing base of operations! It's where you can access your tickets, transfer or resell tickets, access special events, and find your payment information. 

  1. Visit 
  2. Sign in with your Email and Password. Haven't set up an AXS account before? Once you click “Sign In” on, there will be an option to “Create AXS Account.” After clicking that, you’ll be asked to fill in all the necessary info to set-up your account. Please be sure to use the email on file with us! 


The AXS App is available for iOS and Android. Get it in the App Store or on Google Play

To login to the app, be sure to use the same email you have on file with us. If you’re having trouble logging in with that email address, a password reset should do the trick. 

When you use AXS Mobile ID, your tickets display as a digital bar-code that refreshes after a certain time-frame. For security reasons, screenshots and printing mobile tickets are not available and tickets can only be accessed through the AXS App. The app does offer other features for your tickets, like being able to transfer tickets if you’re unable to make it to a match. 
With mobile ticketing through AXS, you’re able to keep your tickets securely stored in your AXS App until it’s time for the match and enter with a quick and simple scan. Easy! 

Have other questions about using AXS? Click here for FAQs or contact your Membership Services Representative!