Kobra 5 Facts

Zdeněk "Kobra" Ondrášek has become a fan favorite throughout his time with FC Dallas. In his second year the Kobra has proven this value and become a staple in the FC Dallas offense.

1. Team Hype Man 

Every team needs a hype man. Kobra’s enthusiasm is present on the field, in the locker room and during every day life. “His energy and his attitude towards everything is positive,” FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon said. “It makes me want to fight harder for him because you feel closer to him on the field than you do without him on the field. I think that brings the team together. You can tell with his face, with his emotions and his intensity that he’s giving everything to be on that field.”

2. Pride and Passion

Ondrasek had his fair share of struggles in his first year with FC Dallas. Prior to scoring his first MLS goal vs. Montreal, the forward had only one MLS start to his name. The goal in Montreal would spark a scoring streak that would lead to his very first Czech Republic call-up.

3. Buddy is his best friend

Kobra has an Australian Sheperd named Buddy. Our resident good boy can be seen showing off his best features on Kobra's Instagram weekly. 

4. A Fan Favorite 

Kobra is always game to give the FC Dallas family some love. He's done a reddit AMA, and was voted Best Newcomer of the Year, and Best Offensive Player of the Year by FC Dallas fans. 

5. If he weren't playing professional soccer....

The Czech Republic native would be working with his family on their farm driving a tractor.