FC Dallas Youth Girls' ECNL team tryouts begin May 1st, 2022 at Toyota Soccer Center. Age groups and times are listed below.

Please complete the girl's registration form prior to attending a session by clicking here. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of each session.

Contact Matt Grubb, Girls' ECNL Director at mgrubb@fcdallas.com for any questions.

To learn more about our Girls' ECNL teams contact the coach below in your age group.

ECNL GU19 ('04/'05) - Gareth Evans and Matt Grubb: gevans@fcdallas.com or 910-431-7494, mgrubb@fcdallas.com or 214-507-2259

ECNL GU17 ('06) - Matt Grubb: mgrubb@fcdallas.com or 214-507-2259

ECNL GU16 ('07) - Matt Grubb: mgrubb@fcdallas.com or 214-507-2259

ECNL GU15 ('08) - Aaron Gordon: aaron.gordon@fcdallas.com, 662-418-8558

ECNL GU14 ('09) - Jamie Lovegrove: Jamielovegrove@yahoo.com or 214-529-2201

ECNL GU13 ('10) - Jamie Lovegrove: Jamielovegrove@yahoo.com or 214-529-2201