STEAM FC presented by NEC is an educational field trip program developed in partnership among the FC Dallas Foundation, Frisco Independent School District and the National Soccer Hall of Fame. The program focuses on teaching FISD sixth grade students how science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics are used in the sport of soccer.


Field Trips

Our field trip program offers hands-on learning in a unique environment that provides one-of-a-kind opportunities for students. The program consists of four stations, each of which highlight STEAM principles, relating to soccer.

Classroom Lesson

Schools participating in the program can select the classroom lesson taught when the students are on site.

  • Career Exploration – In groups of four, students pick from four available career options and work to reach a mutual goal together while staying in budget.
  • Fútbol Physics Breakout – Students work to break the FC Dallas players out of their locker room by solving puzzles involving physics to find the five codes to release them.
  • Pitching the Pitch – After viewing a FC Dallas commercial, students work within a budget to create their own commercial.

National Soccer Hall of Fame Tour

The National Soccer Hall of Fame at Toyota Stadium utilizes technology in creative and innovative ways. From gesture technology and virtual reality to algorithms and facial recognition technology, this module highlights how all of this is used and why it’s responsible for making this space the most personalized experience in sports.

Movement Lab

The movement lab focuses on sports science as well as the health and wellness aspects associated with the STEAM subjects. Students can get active while learning the methodology behind why professional athletes use science and technology to reach peak performance.

Toyota Stadium Tour

This tour highlights several aspects of Toyota Stadium. Students get behind-the-scenes access to gain a full understanding of the extent of STEAM principals utilized in soccer. Some of the biggest touchpoints along the way include the Stadium’s water retention system, award-winning grass field and press box.


STEAM FC’s curriculum was developed in conjunction with Frisco Independent School District and was created to be in line with the state standard, TEKS. We focus on critical thinking and problem solving while promoting creativity and teamwork. We take a holistic approach that connects science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to the real world, soccer in particular, in ways that students might not consider.


Cost and Application

Please reach out to steamfc@fcdallas.com with any questions pertaining to cost or scheduling a field trip

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