In Memory of Bobby Rhine

Bobby Rhine


Bobby Rhine, former Dallas player and broadcaster, passed away suddenly on Sept. 5, 2011. Rhine is remembered as one of the most important figures in club history, leaving his mark through his achievements on the field (212 games played, 23 goals and 34 assists); his days coaching in the FC Dallas Youth system; and as the enduring voice of FC Dallas, serving as team broadcaster after retiring from the sport in 2008. Rhine carried the torch for our club and the sport of soccer in the same tradition as the late Lamar Hunt, and his impact will be felt forever by the people with whom he shared his love for the Beautiful Game.

FC Dallas memorialized the late Bobby Rhine in a tribute match with the New York Red Bulls on Sept. 17, 2011. All members of the current squad, as well as technical staff, wore black armbands with "BR19" emblazoned on them (a tribute carried on through the remainder of the 2011 season); the Toyota Stadium field was marked with "BR" in two locations; members of Rhine's family led the March to the Match; fans created tribute signs that hung throughout the stadium; and a moment of silence was observed in Rhine's memory. The "Forever Our Voice" permanent banner was also unveiled, and FC Dallas players and front office staff wore t-shirts remembering Rhine.

Permanent Tributes

FC Dallas has already enacted several permanent tributes in memory of Bobby Rhine:

  • 2011 Walk of Fame inductee
  • Bobby Rhine Fall Invitational (youth soccer tournament)
  • Bobby Rhine Memorial Scholarship (awarded annually to a player in the FC Dallas Youth system)
  • "Forever Our Voice" banner hanging below broadcast booth
  • Commemorative flag on the North Concourse

2011 Broadcasts

Bobby Rhine's passing left a void in the broadcast booth difficult to fill. The following analysts, accompanied by FC Dallas color commentator and Rhine's close friend, Steve Jolley, were kind enough to step in during the remainder of the 2011 season. Each was someone he admired and respected during his career.

  • Sept. 17 vs. New York: Brad Feldman
  • Sept. 24 vs. Houston: Dave Johnson
  • Oct. 1 vs. Colorado: JP Dellacamera
  • Oct. 12 vs. Chicago: Steve Jolley (Rhine was scheduled for color commentary with Chicago analyst Dan Kelly)
  • Oct. 15 vs. Vancouver: Brian Dunseth
  • Oct. 22 vs. San Jose: Glenn Davis

In Tribute

Tribute video shown in-stadium.

Total Soccer

The best of Bobby Rhine's weekly podcast.

Media Clippings

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