2023 FC Dallas Youth Select Soccer Tryouts

Ages: 11U - 19U (2013 - 2005)

July 1 - 3, 2023

Majority of teams are finalized on July 1. Players still looking for a team after the 3rd will need to contact the team directly for more information.

Located at the Victory Center Pavilions near field Toyota Soccer Center Field # 10.

Tryout Process
All players will go directly to the field where they will be trying out per the tryout schedule posted above. Only coaches and players allowed within the fence. Parents to remain on the outside of the fence. Every player and parent trying out for a USYS team must sign the fact sheet signature page provided to you from the manager of the team.

What do I need to bring to tryouts?
All players need to bring a ball, shin guards, and water to all sessions.

For those interested in finding an FC Dallas Youth team, contact the appropriate age group coordinator below.

Girls Teams

2004/U19: Luis Ramos at coachluisramos@gmail.com
2005/U18: Luis Ramos at coachluisramos@gmail.com
2006/U17: Chris Ring at cring@fcdallas.com
2007/U16: Dani Vaughn at daniellevaughn14@gmail.com
2008/U15: James Fondren at jfondren@fcdallas.com
2009/U14: James Fondren at jfondren@fcdallas.com
2010/U13: Chris Ring at cring@fcdallas.com
2011/U12: Chris Pulpaneck at cpulpaneck@fcdallas.com
2012/U11: Chris Pulpaneck at cpulpaneck@fcdallas.com

Boys Teams

2004/U19: Casey Cantor at ccantor@fcdallas.com
2005/U18: Casey Cantor at ccantor@fcdallas.com
2006/U17: Neil "Nipper" Thornber at nthornber@fcdallas.com
2007/U16: Gabby Gentile at ggentile@fcdallas.com
2008/U15: Gabby Gentile at ggentile@fcdallas.com
2009/U14: Jesse Suarez at jsuarez@fcdallas.com
2010/U13: Jesse Suarez at jsuarez@fcdallas.com
2011/U12: Jesse Suarez at jsuarez@fcdallas.com
2012/U11: Phil Gomez at pgomez@fcdallas.com