Founded in 2011, the Dallas Beer Guardians have grown to over 1,000 members that regularly fill the Budweiser Beer Garden at the north end of Toyota Stadium.

The motto "Sanguinem Sudorem et Cervisiae" (loosely translated to, "Blood, Sweat and Beers") is an appropriate representation of the passionate support for FC Dallas in singing for 90 and producing tifo displays to honor the team, the efforts to represent FC Dallas fans in the community, and a reputation of holding one of Major League Soccer's best tailgates.

Join us before the game in the Corolla Red Lot, off World Cup Way close to the west gate, before marching into the stadium in full voice with flags waving, and give the team your all!

El Matador is one of the oldest active FC Dallas supporters groups and we chant in both Spanish and English. Located in the Beer Garden, El Matador drums, chants and sings for 90 minutes at every FC Dallas match. All ages are welcome to join us at the southwest Corolla Red parking lot for pregame tailgating. After tailgating we march into the stadium with our banner until we arrive in in the stadium, from there we chant and wave our flags in support of the boys all game long.

El Matador welcomes all. We have no membership fee to join. All we ask is that you bring your voice plus two arms to waive a flag or play an instrument.

Fiesta con todos!

We started as a band in 2014 with a group of friends who shared the same passion for soccer. We didn’t have a name. We were playing instruments each game in the stadium under an existing support group. In 2023 we decided to become independent, and we named the group “Murga 117”. 

Why Murga 117? Murga is a form of popular musical theatre performed in Latin America during Carnival season involving singing and dancing. 117, was the section in the stadium assigned for supporters back in 2014.

Our group grew so quick, and after several ideas tossed around in group discussion, the group debuted in August 2023 as official La Murga 117.

We are a group of soccer loving people with different Nationalities, family oriented who are striving to create an exciting supporters group culture in, outside and beyond the stadium. If you’ve been looking for friends who share your passion for FC Dallas team, you’ve found us.