2022 Season

Why YOU Should Vote Paxton Pomykal for MLS All-Star

6.26 Pax

FRISCO, Texas - It's time to vote for your MLS All-Stars!

But don't just vote for the obvious candidates who may or may not have played for a big European team way back when. Take your time. Really think about who your precious vote should go to. Do you want a team chock full of attacking players with no defensive solidity? No, you don't. You want a functional MLS All-Star team that can go toe-to-toe with the Liga MX All-Stars when they face off at Allianz Arena on August 10.

That's why you should vote for Paxton Pomykal, a two-way midfielder that can do it all. A vote for Paxton Pomykal is a vote for pragmatism. Plus, he's earned it. Vote HERE.

Now, Pomykal's surface stats don't jump off the page: one assist and zero goals. But he's not on the field to be goal dangerous. He's there to facilitate the attacking players in front of him. That means winning the ball in his own half and progressing it into the opponent's third, and there's no central midfielder better at that in MLS.

Time for some stats.

Among central midfielders, Paxton Pomykal leads MLS in:

  1. passes completed (485, 92 more than any other CM)
  2. passes under pressure (336, 83 more than any other CM)
  3. progressive passes (251, 37 more than any other CM)
  4. touches (634, 99 more than any other CM)
  5. pressured touches (348, 79 more than any other CM)
  6. pressures (519, 106 more than any other CM)
  7. tackles won (29, 11 more than any other CM)
  8. successful interceptions (40, 6 more than any other CM)
  9. interceptions that led to a shot (25, 6 more than any other CM)

He's also drawn 40 fouls, seventh-most in the league among all players.

Basically, Pomykal is elite at progressing the ball through midfield when in possession and he's just as good at winning it back when possession is lost. And that's something that every team needs. Yes, there are plenty of attacking midfielders with much more eye-catching goal contribution stats. But they'll get voted in regardless. Paxton Pomykal needs YOU and your vote.

Vote Paxton Pomykal for 2022 MLS All-Star. Vote HERE

Stats via Second Spectrum