2023 Season

VOTE: Best Celebrations from the FC Dallas 2023 Season

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FRISCO, Texas - We're reviewing some of FC Dallas' best goals, saves, celebrations and game day fits from the 2023 season and putting them up to a vote to decide the best of the best. You can vote on all of them HERE.

Now, we'll be reviewing six of the best goal celebrations from this year.

Jesús Ferreira's Messi-Inspired Celebration

The first celebration we'll look at is courtesy of FC Dallas' top scorer from 2023, Jesús Ferreira. It came after the American international scored an 89th-minute game-winner against in-state rivals Austin FC. The goal silenced the Q2 Stadium crowd before Ferreira made sure they knew he his name by taking off his jersey and displaying the back of it...right in front of Austin' supporters' section. It's an iconic celebration, likely inspired by Lionel Messi's celebration after scoring a winner against rivals Real Madrid. FC Dallas vs. Austin isn't quite El Classico and Q2 isn't the Bernabéu but it was still a big moment nonetheless (Nkosi Tafari also pretends to drink a beer from an empty cup that was thrown from the supporters' section, making this celebration even better).

Jáder Obrian's Griddy

You can't have a goal celebration countdown in 2023 without at least one Griddy. This particular Griddy is brought to you by none other than Jáder Obrian, who is a regular practitioner of the viral dance. Obrian gave the performance after scoring an excellent goal against the Seattle Sounders in Game 2 of the First Round of the MLS Cup Playoffs. Dallas eventually lost the series but at least they won the unofficial goal celebration contest.

Bernard Kamungo's Thor Celebration

Next up is Bernard Kamungo's Thor celebration. He performed the gesture after scoring against Inter Miami (and Lionel Messi) in the Leagues Cup quarterfinal this summer. It consisted of extending his arm and opening his hand like Thor does when summoning his iconic hammer in the Marvel superhero movies. Leo Messi, himself, debuted the celebration earlier in the Leagues Cup and evidently inspired Kamungo to do the same.

Jesús Ferreira's "Are You Not Entertained" Pose

Jesús Ferreira is back with another iconic celebration. This time, it was after scoring a great solo goal against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Ferreira jogged to the sideline where he posed with outstretched arms while staring at the fans within Toyota Stadium. The pose is similar to Maximus from the movie Gladiator (played by Russell Crowe) where he shouts "Are you not entertained?" at the stadium crowd after achieving victory. It was a power move from Crowe and Ferreira, respectively.

Jesús Ferreira's Five Celebrations in One

If you can't pick a celebration, why not just do them all? That's what Ferreira did after scoring against Sporting Kansas City. Ferreira started with a knee slide, transitioned into giving a piggy back ride to Alan Velasco, switched to the double finger gun point with Paul Arriola, followed by the heart hand symbol made famous by Gareth Bale and FINALLY capped it off with a goofy Fortnite dance. There's just so much going on, it's impressive Ferreira was able to fit it all into one goal celebration.