MoneyGram Soccer Park will return to playing games in a limited capacity only available to patrons with existing agreements. Teams can only be at the complex at their assigned time.

Other considerations:

  • Players and staff will follow league screening guidelines for COVID-19 and not participate if they are symptomatic or if family members are symptomatic
  • Any player that does test positive will not be allowed to participate for a minimum of two weeks, and must produce a negative test to return to play
  • Staff will be encouraged to wear non-medical grade face masks and will be required to practice social distancing
  • Bleachers and benches will be removed from fields

Additional guidelines:

  • Players are instructed to self-screen and take temperature prior to participation
  • Players are instructed to wash hands thoroughly prior to arrival at the complex
  • Players arriving at the complex must remain in their vehicles until 30 minutes prior to their kickoff time
  • No hand-shaking
  • Player equipment is to be put on the side of the field and spaced out more than six feet to manage water breaks
  • No mingling during breaks (players cannot share equipment or water)
  • Players are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer and wash hands during break (not mandatory)
  • Spectators will be asked to bring their own seating and maintain six feet of minimum distance from each other
  • At the conclusion of their game, players must go directly to vehicles and leave

Parents or other adults accompanying players are asked to remain in their vehicles during games. If you feel you must get out of your vehicle, we ask that you follow social distancing guidelines and if it is difficult for any reason to observe such protocols that you wear a mask and practice social distancing or return to your vehicle. Please be aware that, in the interests of the health and safety of all concerned, FCD Management reserves the right remove individuals who refuse to comply with complex policies in this regard. Additionally, FCD Management may limit access to the complex for teams who fail to comply with MoneyGram Soccer Park policies.

  • Effective Immediately: MoneyGram Soccer Park reserves the right to assess a citation, fine or penalty to any user of our facility (teams, leagues or events) when any player therein is in violation of any of the following rules.
    Any use of our facility must have prior approval from MoneyGram Soccer Park.No unscheduled play, free play or non-approved play is permitted.
  • No play or use is allowed without a facility license agreement, the proper insurance requirements and signed waivers by players, when applicable.
  • All persons using the facility must abide by the lightning warning system in the event it sounds.
  • No play will be allowed on fields in the event of severe weather or lightning. MoneyGram Soccer Park reserves the right to cancel any event at any time due to inclement weather or any other condition deemed detrimental to the soccer park.
  • Gates to complex will be open/unlocked
  • 30 MINTUES prior to game time or start time unless otherwise agreed to in advance. Players are NOT allowed on the field until the gates are unlocked. In the event that players arrive at the complex within 30 minutes of scheduled play and gates are locked, a phone number will be provided in advance to gain access to the facility. Unauthorized entry or jumping of the fence will result in team being fined accordingly.
  • Jumping fences, defacing fences to gain entry/exit, deliberately kicking balls against fences, and/or anchoring tents, flags, etc. to fences is strictly prohibited.
  • Warm-ups in goal mouths/18-yard box are prohibited (including goalkeeper).
  • Goalkeepers may not “mark their posts” by creating marks on the field.
  • Players and coaches must clear fields immediately following their scheduled usage. Lights are scheduled to go off
  • 15 minutes following the scheduled finish time, unless otherwise agreed to in advance.
  • Golf carts are not allowed in the fenced area that surrounds the fields, unless approved by MoneyGram Soccer Park. The cart must remain on the pavement and only driven on the field at a 90 degree angle.
  • Bicycles, scooters, inline skates, etc. will not be allowed on the fields at any time.
  • Coolers are strictly prohibited within the field of play.
  • Goals, nets, flags and/or benches may not be moved unless approved in writing by MoneyGram Soccer Park. Goal stakes may not be removed from goals.
  • Stakes, nails and pipes may not be driven in to the ground to hold up tents, team flags, portable goals, etc. All tents must be free standing tents and must be secured by sandbags or water barrels unless otherwise approved by MoneyGram Soccer Park staff.
  • Signs and banners are prohibited, unless expressly approved by MoneyGram Soccer Park in writing. Signs and banners may not be affixed to any fences or gates. Signs must be taped to selected areas only, but the signs and all adhesives must be removed at the end of each day.
  • Do not dig holes, tear up grass, disrupt landscaping, deface property, rip turf or participate in any other activities that are destructive toward the facility.
  • Do not deface any of signs, statues, fences or property.
  • Children should not be left unattended.
  • Fighting, cursing, excessive spitting, loitering and any other behaviors deemed inappropriate are prohibited and are grounds for removal from the facility, or possible arrest. MoneyGram Soccer Park also reserves the right to remove any person(s) that is deemed to display abusive or uncooperative behavior.
  • Drugs and/or alcohol are prohibited within the soccer park and in the parking lot. Alcohol may only be served by approved MoneyGram Soccer Park vendors and can only be consumed by persons 21 years of age and over.
  • Smoking is only permitted outside the fenced in area.
  • Grills, barbecues, fireworks or anything involving flames or fire is not permitted anywhere within the soccer complex.
  • Firearms and/or concealed weapons are prohibited.
  • Pets, of any kind, are prohibited within the fenced area of the soccer park.
  • All displays (such as vehicles, inflatables, etc.) must be approved in writing by MoneyGram Soccer Park.
  • Flyers and/or marketing materials of any kind in the soccer park or parking lots are not permitted at any time unless approved in writing by MoneyGram Soccer Park.
  • All vendors and sponsors must be approved in writing by MoneyGram Soccer Park.
  • The sale of any items (including food, drink, merchandise, etc.) is strictly prohibited without expressed written consent by MoneyGram Soccer Park.
  • Sampling of food and drink is prohibited, unless approved in writing by MoneyGram Soccer Park.
  • All restroom trailers/port-a-potties must be approved in writing by MoneyGram Soccer Park.

\MoneyGram Soccer Park and its affiliates reserve the right to deny entry into the complex and/or remove any person for any reason at any time.\\

\\Rules are subject to change without notice.\\\