0717 Modeling Express DL

FRISCO, Texas – Fresh from hosting the Gold Cup doubleheader at Toyota Stadium, things seemed back to normal at the FC Dallas offices. After a few days off, the players were due to report back to the stadium for training Monday evening. Everything seemed normal, until this tweet was brought to our attention. 

Could it be...Jesse Gonzalez, male model? It wouldn't be the first time a player had donned some fresh new threads and modeled in front of a camera, was it Jesse? After some further digging, we went onto the Express website and spotted not one, but three players including Jesse Gonzalez, Coy Craft, and Victor Ulloa.

Jesse Gonzalez, Victor Ulloa, and Coy Craft Model for Express -

We donned our investigative reporter hats (i.e. waiting until Vic arrived to practice) and found out the promotional photos of the trio were shot in June in Downtown Dallas. "We I have the same agent, so he set it up."

Although the shots were taken a month ago, Victor was seeing them for the first time, along with the rest of social media. And just what was it like trading in his MLS kit for business and casual attire? "It was cool. Something different. Definitely something we don't do everyday, but it was exciting."

Jesse Gonzalez, Victor Ulloa, and Coy Craft Model for Express -

If you like the campaign so far, you might get to see more soon. "They told us it was going to come out on TV too, so stay tuned. It was pretty cool. We took a bunch of photos and video."