How FC Dallas Defender Nkosi Burgess Saved a Life

10.27.20 Nkosi Story DL

FRISCO, Texas - “It went from bad to worse really quickly.”

One of the most valuable aspects of a successful center back is their ability to remain calm and composed under pressure. For Nkosi Burgess, this is a mentality that follows him on and off the field.

It was just a regular day in June for Kelly Teaff. She and group of co-workers were having lunch at the Stonebriar Center Food Court. Nothing was out of the ordinary as she sat down to eat a sandwich.

Teaff began to choke on her meal. Frightened, she attempted to wash down her food, but only seemingly made it worse.

She looked around at her co-workers with her hands wrapped around her neck. Her arms signaled for the international choking sign in hopes that someone among her would help her in her time of distress.

How FC Dallas Defender Nkosi Burgess Saved a Life -

“I just remember thinking ‘I can’t believe this is happening,’” said Teaff.

The only response she received were co-workers asking if something was wrong.

“Everyone panicked,” said Teaff. “No one knew what to do.”

That’s when Nkosi turned around.

“Someone is surely going to give her the Heimlich,” Burgess thought.

Nkosi then same one Kelly’s co-workers pat her on the back. This is when Nkosi knew he had to take action.

“I was about to drop to the floor,” said Teaff. “I kinda started to think that my knees were going, and I was getting close to passing out.”

Nkosi ran over to her and did what was needed. He ran over and saved the day.

“Thank God for Nkosi,” said Teaff.

Calm and composed, Nkosi saved her life. Just as any good center back would.