You don't often want to see player sprinting off the field, excited about leaving practice early. Ryan Hollingshead did that Wednesday morning and it was awesome. 

In the middle of the practice, the 26-year old midfielder received word that his wife, Taylor, was going into labor. 

I happened to run into him in the hallway as he was leaving for the hospital. He was in typical soon-to-be-dad-again mode: running to pack, grabbing clothes, thrilled. 

Hollingshead Family Welcomes Baby Girl -

At 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night, baby Quinn was born.

"Mama is still deciding if the name Quinn is gonna stick. I love the name Quinn, so I want it to stick," Ryan said. "She already has me wrapped around her finger. She's just precious. She's so cute." 

To say it's been a whirlwind year would be a massive understatement. Hollingshead was involved in a car accident in January during a winter weather event in DFW which left him with three fractured vertebrae. Following an emotional reunion with the family he helped, Hollingshead has returned to the field and been a solid contributor for FC Dallas this season. 

A remarkable year, any way you look at it.