FRISCO - With starters from the opening three games Carlos Gruezo, and Bryan Acosta gone this week on international duty, there are openings to fill in the midfield before Saturday's match against the Colorado Rapids.

With young players like Brandon ServaniaEdwin Cerrillo and Thomas Roberts coming off strong preseasons, and potentially Jacori Hayes returning from injury, the competition in training is in full swing to win a starting spot for the weekend. 

#FCDvCOL: Competition for Midfield Starting Position Is Hot  -

“I love the idea of discovering, and giving them opportunities but them earning it,” Luchi Gonzalez said on the budding competition.  

The players have a unique opportunity that builds on an already competitive team environment to continue to build their careers. 

“Obviously, there are two big spots to fill. I think all the guys in those positions are trying to prove they deserve, are trying to earn that spot,"  Servania said, looking to potentially make his MLS debut. "We’re all working hard and whoever gets the start is going to prove themselves and play well.” 

#FCDvCOL: Competition for Midfield Starting Position Is Hot  -

“It’s a chance for us young guys to get that starting spot on Saturday," Cerrillo said. "Yeah, we’re all close friends but on the field it’s a whole different story and we’re all going to compete for those two open spots.” 

At the end of the day, though, the group as a whole comes first. 

“It’s a team. It’s not any individual. We focus on the team so I think that it won’t be a problem," Servania said. "Across the team there is a realization of the opportunity presented this week and confidence is who ends up in that starting lineup."