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FC Dallas and Chase made Monday at Dallas’ Jubilee Park & Community Center a bit brighter with a $10,000 donation to help the center upgrade its soccer field and park areas with new equipment. The funds will also go towards raising the safety nets over the soccer goals. The donation is part of FC Dallas and Chase’s 5 Days of Giving which will see $50,000 donated to five Dallas-based organizations.

FC Dallas And Chase Kick Off Five Days Of Giving With $10,000 Donation To Jubilee Park & Community Center - https://dallas-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/styles/image_full_layout/s3/image_galleries/IMG_3783.JPG?1RQ8WXelqzQqbg.6Oc15hQSCmbvWdvK2&itok=ChiK7jKQ

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“This gift of support is so important to our community and this park,” said Jubilee Park & Community Center President and CEO Marissa Castro Mikoy.

Jubilee Park & Community Center opened in 1997 through a collaboration with AmeriCorps and Habitat for Humanity. It serves the east Dallas community by providing a safe environment for families to access academic and physical well-being resources to help enhance their quality of life.

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“To have FC Dallas and Chase come in and say ‘we are going to invest in your park’, speaks volumes about the values and commitment Chase and FC Dallas have to our neighborhood.”

The donation is part of FC Dallas’ and Chase’s Five Days of Giving (link to release) which will see $50,000 donated to five Dallas-based organizations each weekday during the week of November 16-20.