2023 Season

North Texas SC’s Top Five Goals Scored at Choctaw Stadium


FRISCO, Texas (September 7, 2023) – North Texas SC has finally reached the century mark of goals scored at Choctaw Stadium. The club has come a long way since Beni Redžić scored the first-ever goal at the famous Arlington venue.

Here are the top five goals scored out of the 100 that we’ve seen.

5. José Mulato versus Colorado Rapids 2, September 3, 2023

A play full of perseverance and grit, Nolan started the buildup for this goal from inside his own 18-yard box after evading the press of the Colorado player. His pass out the back found Hope Avayevu who controlled it under pressure and shook us off his two markers before playing Mulato into space. Mulato pushed his way forward into the box to leave his defender behind and set himself up to a one-on-one with the Colorado keeper. His curling left-footed shot found the back post to beat the keeper and score his ninth goal of the 2023 season.

4. Bernard Kamungo versus Union Omaha, October 30, 2021

The Open Tryout King himself, Bernard Kamungo showed the world what he was about in his first professional season. The goal was pure hard work and determination from the then 19-year-old forward. Kamungo blocked the opponent’s shot attempt near the edge of the box which sparked a counterattack from his own half. Surrounded by four defenders, Kamungo unleashed a left-footed curling shot near the edge of the box to beat the keeper. This incredible solo goal was only the start to his meteoric rise.

3. Kalil ElMedkhar versus Greenville Triumph SC, June 13, 2021

Kalil had a habit of scoring great goals for North Texas SC, but none will top this one. A right-footed curling effort from the left side ended in the top right corner of the net. The curve and finesse on the shot made it impossible for the keeper to save it, or even come close to it. His spectacular goal helped contribute to the dominant 3-0 win in the night.

2. Carl Sainté versus Houston Dynamo 2, May 21, 2023

A missile. The Haitian international scored one of the best goals of the 2023 season for North Texas. A free kick from that far out tends to be looked at as a set piece opportunity. The midfielder stood over the ball to give the sense that a cross was coming. Blink and you’ll miss it, Carl’s free kick was a missile that no one saw coming. It's a surprise that the goal was still standing.

1. Edwin Cerrillo versus Union Omaha, August 23, 2020

This iconic goal will always top the list of best goals scored at Choctaw Stadium. Not only was it a great goal, but it was also so good that it won the fans’ choice goal of the week. A cleared cross saw the ball land in the path of Edwin. Nine times out of ten, the team would recycle the ball and build up again. However, Edwin did not think twice about it and decided to unleash a powerful strike from 35-yards out. This goal is just too good, we let the video do the talking for us.