2019-2020 FC Dallas Development Player League

Please reference the following chart to contact the appropriate coach/staff member.

Age Coach Phone Email
2002 Matt Veasey (254) 366-9388 mveasey@fcdallas.com
2003 Lee Weddall (469) 688-1446 lweddall@fcdallas.com
2004 Lee Weddall (469) 688-1446 lweddall@fcdallas.com
2005 Chris Clarke (972) 922-3801 cclarke@fcdallas.com
2006 Dan Mariscal  (931) 217-5856  dmariscal@fcdallas.com 
2007 Michelle Hjalber (214) 796-4026 m.d.nguyen12@gmail.com



About DPL

The Developmental Player League (DPL) was created through a collaboration between the Southwest Division DA clubs. The focus was to expand the player pool for the DA and align with some of the core US Soccer Initiatives. The league is comprised of DA clubs and will be sanctioned under USSSA.

Designed to supplement the full DA program with select DA standards, the DPL will provide a great platform, professional environment and allow clubs to develop a larger DA quality player pool.  With a clear pathway to the full DA through their own team environment, the focus will be on player development initiatives with the aim of helping players continue their growth.

In addition to the DPL league, teams will be allowed to play in CRL, US National League and National State Cup. During the season DPL teams will also participate in two major showcases to increase the level of exposure to college and National team scouts – Silverlakes College Showcase (November), Vegas Players Showcase (March).