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03G North
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06G Webb
07G Webb 
07G Webb Copa
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•Kat is a Dallas native who attended Bishop Lynch High school in Dallas and graduated from SMU with a BS in History in 1990. Kat has been married to David Webb for 25 years and has a 7-year-old daughter, Kaley. Kat has received many honors over the course of her illustrious soccer career, but one of the most memorable occurred when she was awarded the historical mark of distinction as being the first-ever recipient of an SMU Women’s Soccer Scholarship. In addition, Kat went on to be the first woman to score a goal for SMU’s Women’s Soccer Program, establishing herself as a true pioneer of the SMU Women’s Soccer Program. Since then, Kat has been dedicated to extending the visibility and furthering the development of women’s soccer. Kat has great passion for soccer and an immeasurable desire to develop and teach others the game. This coupled with over 25 years of coaching experience and over 40 years of playing experience has earned her a spot as one of the premier coaches of North Texas Academy Soccer.
Coaching Experience
*Jan 1, 2013 – present FC Dallas
03 girls, 04 girls, 06 girls, 07 Webb, 07 Copa, 08 Webb, and 08 Copa
*Aug 1, 2010-2012 Solar Soccer Club
Red division, 02 girls, 03 girls; (2) Webb and red, 05 girls
*North Academy Director
Academy coach for the ’02, and ’03 girls’ teams
*Jul 11, 2008 – Dec 31, 2009 Sting Soccer Club
Academy coach for the ’99, ’01, ’02 and ’03 girls’ teams
*Jan 2006 – Jan 2008 Women’s State Team Head Coach
Accomplishments: Regional Champions
*August 2002 – July 2008 FC Dallas (FC Texas, Dallas Inter)
96 Girls – Grand Champions in ’07 and ’08, Texas Cup Champions in ’07, Spring Classic
Champions in ’07 and ’08, Plano Labor Day Champions in ’07 and ’08.
94 Girls – U11 finished 4th in Girls Classic League, U12 finished 3rd in Girls Classic League
91 Girls – U12 finished 3rd in Girls Classic League
*Jul 1997 – Oct 2002 American Eagles SC
84', 88', and 91's DIv 1 Lake Highlands Girls Classic League
*Dec 1995 – July 1997 Hawks SC
84' & 86' s DIv 1 Lake Highlands Girls Classic League
*Sept 1993 – Dec 1995 Ajax SC
85 girls DIv 1 Lake Highlands Girls Classic League
*Jan 1991 – Aug 1993 Andromeda SC
81' & 82's DIv 1 Lake Highlands Girls Classic League
*July 1990 Bluestreaks SC
‘78 girls DIv 1 Lake Highlands Girls Classic League
Playing Experience
*1980 – 1985 Sting Soccer Club
U16 State and Regional Champions, Finished 3rd at Nationals, Helsinki Cup (Helsinki,
Finland) Champions, Robbie Cup (Canada) Champions, Haarlem Cup (Haarlem, Holland)
2nd place
*1983 – 1986 US National Team & Pool
U19 National Champions, Region 3 Champions, State Champions, Helsinki Cup
Champions, Norway Cup Champions, Robbie Cup Champions, Xian China Cup
*1986-1989 SMU
Received first scholarship in Texas for women’s soccer at SMU
Scored the first goal in the history of women’s SMU soccer program
All-American Honors in ’87 and ‘88
*1995 – 1996 Dallas Lightning (Semi-Pro)
Open Cup Champions two years in a row.
*1998 – 1999 North Texas Heat (Semi-Pro)
W2 Champions in 1999
*1990-1996 Michelob Ladies
Open Cup Champions in 90, 92, 94 and 96
*2003 Sting (Over 30 League)
National Champions
*2006 Houston Challengers (Over 30 League)
National Champions•