Extreme Weather Policy


Rain and General Weather

FCD may, in its sole discretion, postpone and/or cancel games if we determine in good faith that moisture or other weather conditions could cause material damage to one or more of the Soccer Fields if play is permitted. The FCD field maintenance crew will be primarily responsible for evaluating the condition of each Soccer Field and for ensuring that any activity on the Soccer Fields is unlikely to be detrimental to, or to compromise, the condition of the Soccer Fields for regular soccer play following the Event.

To determine status and playability, please review the field status in the FCDY App or contact your team's coach. 

Lightning Predictor System - Operation and Policy

System operation:

When a probability of lightning is detected the horn will sound continuously for fifteen seconds and the yellow light will begin flashing, at this time all fields MUST be cleared. The yellow light will continue to flash as long as a threat exists. When a threat is no longer detected, the horn will sound three short blasts and the yellow light will go off. It is then safe to return to the fields and resume play.

Games policy:

As soon as the horn sounds and the yellow light goes on, all games will be immediately stopped. Players, officials and spectators must leave the fields and seek a shelter for the duration of the threat (cars are strongly suggested as the space around the concession stand is very limited). Should the referees feel, using their best judgment, that a potential threat is present, they HAVE the authority to stop the games even before the alarm is triggered , since there is no way to determine how long the threat will last, the following rules will apply for all games, regardless on who stops them (alarm or referee):

  • 1. Any game not started (initial kick-off) will be delayed 30 minutes. Should the system determine that the threat is no longer in place and goes off within 30 minutes, the game can start, Beyond the 30 minute time frame, the game will be considered cancelled and every effort will be made to reschedule it (subject:to time constraints and field availability).
  • 2. Any game being played and stopped BEFORE the second half kick-off will be considered cancelled and every effort will be made to reschedule it (subject to time constraints and field availability). For the competitive divisions, the score will NOT count and considered INVALID for the standings.
  • 3. Any game being played and stopped AFTER the second half kick-off will be considered valid and will NOT be rescheduled. For the competitive divisions,the score will count and considered played for the standings.

Just because the skies look relatively clear, lightning strike can still occur. Please be safe and cautious at all times!

Thanks for your cooperation and helping ensure the safety of our users!