Toyota Stadium features eighty-two points of sale within twelve permanent Stadium concession stands and also offers food and drink via various mobile concession kiosks within the concourse and seating areas. Concession stands are operated by Legends.

Toyota Stadium offers a wide assortment of specialty foods within the Stadium. Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, hamburgers, soda, beer and other popular Stadium fare are offered throughout the Stadium.

You may use cash and/or credit cards at the permanent concession locations and cash at the mobile kiosks. Hours of operation for concession sales within the Soccer Park will vary, depending upon the time events are scheduled. For your convenience, four different locations throughout the Soccer Park feature vending machines offering various food and beverage products.

Legends took over operations for Toyota Stadium in March 2012. FC Dallas charged Legends with delivering innovation, increasing per capita revenue, improving food quality and changing the fan experience.

To deliver against each of these goals, Legends put a plan in place that included:

  •     The addition of Legends signature brands including Bent Buckle Barbecue, and Los Vaqueros Cantina
  •     The addition of performance cooking in Clubs
  •     A change in the food preparation philosophy by introducing the signature “made from scratch” approach in all areas


  •     A 21.0% increase in per capita revenue
  •     A 55.0% increase in fan satisfaction and a 100% improvement in the satisfaction of team ownership
  •     Ticket sales continue to increase over the previous year