3.1.21 Community Kit Feature DL

A Breakdown of the FC Dallas Community Kit

FRISCO, Texas - The FC Dallas Community Kit - which will serve at the club's secondary jersey - is finally here!

The jersey features a unique powder blue colorway with bold blue and red details. The Community Kit honors its past and its community of passionate FC Dallas fans across Dallas/Fort Worth. Sprinkled throughout the front of the jersey are blue and red design elements that represent FC Dallas’ colors and the Texas state flag which is, primarily, red and blue. These also reflect FC Dallas’ diverse fan base across the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. It’s a testament to the support FC Dallas received from its fans from a variety of backgrounds across North Texas.

The kit also offers a nod to its North Texas soccer roots by featuring powder blue as the jersey’s primary color. This honors the Dallas Tornado, the North American Soccer League team founded by the late Lamar Hunt whose family currently owns and operates FC Dallas. It was Mr. Hunt’s passion for soccer and his pioneering vision with the Dallas Tornado that helped launch soccer in Dallas/Fort Worth. The Tornado’s popular logo and uniform used the light blue color as one of its key design elements.

The Texas state flag displayed on the back neckline of the jersey, signifying FC Dallas’ legacy as the original MLS team of Texas.

The LH patch remains at the base of the left hem on the front of the jersey. This symbolic placement honors Lamar Hunt’s legacy as a founding member of not only soccer in DFW through his involvement with the Dallas Tornado and FC Dallas, but also MLS.

The jersey’s collar features a blue neckband highlighted by a red hem.

Since it's the Community Kit, after all, FC Dallas enlisted the help of a few of its local fans to model the new jersey around Dallas-Fort Worth. 

“I really like it. I think the red and blue flecks and detailing is really good. I like the color and it’s more interesting than the white kits we’ve been seeing around the league. I like that we’re moving towards something that’s a little bit more unique. I also think the red numbers on the back really pop out—so that’s a great choice.”  —William Hagens, fan since 2014

“I loved it. Powder blue is my favorite color so it’s perfect. My favorite part of the kit is the Texas flag on the back. I feel like we’re the best team in Texas and I think we’re the only team who has the Texas flag so it’s a part of our identity and I really like it." —Moez Janmohammad, fan since 2002

"My initial thoughts were that it’s a very unique looking kit. We haven’t really seen anything like this in a good while. The colors were really different, it’s vibrant and just looked very nice. I really liked the hints or sprinkles of colors that are on the jersey and how they go really well with the light blue color." —Alan Avila, FC Dallas' eMLS player