FC Dallas Teams Up with Soccer App Tonsser

FC Dallas has teamed up with the soccer app, Tonsser, to help with the development and progression of the players in the club.

We encourage you to sign up now and help spread the word to your teammates about Tonsser as an app for player development and opportunities. The app is free for any player to use. As a player you will be able to track your stats, earn weekly rewards (player of the week, team of the week, etc.) and upload highlights to your profile. Tonsser will help the club and coaches follow the performance of every player, so that no one goes unnoticed.

We expect all players to join this app as it is the way we’ll be able to follow the performance of each individual in the club. The club will also use the app to highlight and reward weekly performers throughout the FC Dallas organization. The more players from each team that sign up, the more it will validate the information that a player is submitting and open the door to more opportunities.

*The app is currently only available for players that are 2007 birth year and older. We are currently working with Tonsser to open the app up to players in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 birth years in the future.