FEATURED: Rachel Ryter, Jeremy Luke, Byron Sanders, Peter Muriungi

FC Dallas & Chase Complete 5 Days of Giving With $10,000 Donation to Big Thought

FC Dallas and Chase completed their Five Days of Giving on Friday with a $10,000 donation to Big Thought, a nonprofit that closes the opportunity gap by equipping all youth in marginalized communities with the skills and tools they need to imagine and create their best lives and a better world.

“It is critical right now for organizations and corporations like FC Dallas & JPMorgan Chase to be supporting the work of Big Thought and a lot of other youth-serving organization in the DFW area,” said Big Thought’s President & CEO, Byron Sanders.

“We are beyond grateful at a time where resources are more scarce and a time where needs are more intense for organizations and companies to stand in the gap, that means the world and it helps us and empowers us to go and do what we need to do for our youth and their families and the community.”

This donation will help benefit Big Thought’s after school programs by supplying the proper resources needed to comply with the new health and safety regulations.