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Fafa Picault: My Story

Fafa Picault: My Story

I came into this world the same as most newborns: crying. My tears were an accurate foreshadow to all that I’d endure in the future or as believers say “the cross I would carry”.

We all face difficult times at some point, regardless of skin color. However, living and enduring constant daily discrimination since birth, is not normal. 

What’s even more abnormal about it, is how routine it has become in our society. It’s in our schools, our work environments, our sports, shopping malls and so on. 

My parents spent countless hours arguing in teacher meetings, proving that I wasn’t a delinquent. I’ve been followed and provoked by police officers. 

The soccer pitch hasn’t been an escape. I’ve been spat at on a field. I’ve had monkey stickers posted in my locker spot while playing abroad. I’ve been called “black piece of @^#%” many times in my career mid-match.  A former coach told me, on numerous occasions….for years…that I belong in the jungle. During one match I played, I heard monkey chants every time I touched the ball for almost the full 90 minutes. 

What I find more offensive than directly insulting me, is when someone of a different color seeks to elevate me by saying “you’re not like them”. I have 0% invested in white privilege, so yes I am like them. 

I’m black. Their pain is my pain and mine is theirs. At this point it should be yours too. 

There was once a time in my life that I didn’t want to play football anymore but then I realized, there was no running from racism. I could find it in abundance wherever I went, no matter the country. When I came back to my home country, the United States, after playing overseas, I knew better but still expected progress. 

The sad reality is that there hasn’t been much change socially. We continue to put dirt over an important subject in attempts to bury it. We will not, though, be buried alive. We have a voice. 

The purpose of this message and sharing just a small portion of my past experiences is NOT to spread hate. I urge you all to take a stand for all those who look like me. 

If the protests for justice scare you, or bring you discomfort, I’m not sorry. Please understand, I’ve been serving an irreversible life sentence for 29 years, simply for being born a certain color. 

From my tears to your ears, I love you guys and may God bless you all. ✊🏾❤️🙏🏾

Proverbs 21:15

“When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.”