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How Will MLS' Return to Play Plan Affect the 2020 Schedule?

FRISCO, Texas — The 2020 MLS season hasn’t gone as planned thus far. The league suspended play on March 12 after the coronavirus pandemic struck the globe. The United States, along with the rest of the world, is in uncharted waters during this time, but MLS is nearing a return to play.

With that being said, many logistics need to be flushed out in order for the 2020 season to resume. One question that has been asked many times since the league suspension is how the MLS calendar will be affected and how deep into 2020 will the schedule go on?

According to MLS President Mark Abbott, the league has not made any decisions regarding the 2020 transfer window, but he said FIFA has provided guidance and flexibility during this time to establish when those windows are.

“Our goal is to play the season in 2020,” Abbott said. “Last year, we moved the cup to November, but prior to that, for several years, it was in December. There’s an opportunity to go deeper into December, even then where we were before. That’s something we’re really focused on as to plan.”

Abbott said the MLS regular season is not expected to extend into 2021, but playoff games played next year are not off the table.

“The first choice is to complete the calendar in 2020,” Abbott said.