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A Statement from FC Dallas

FC Dallas released a statement Sunday evening regarding the protests across the nation condemning racism, bigotry, and the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

The club, along with its players, participated in #BlackoutTuesday to raise awareness of social injustice. FC Dallas' statement follows below.

FC Dallas condemns racism, discrimination and violence in every form.

We believe every individual has the right to live without fear and should be treated with dignity and respect.

We are a diverse organization comprised of individuals from around the world. We will not stand for social injustice and remain committed to being part of the solution to help eradicate it.

Player Support


At 16 years old, I left my home country to accomplish my dreams and start my career. Throughout my 10 years abroad, I made some amazing friends, shared some of my best life moments, but also lived in a DAILY fight against racism, that often felt like a nightmare. 3 years and some months ago, events led me to return home and play in my country. As much as I love my country and the opportunity to play here, not much has been different socially. No matter how many languages I speak, how cultured I am, how much I’ve educated myself, how much love I spread, my daily battles remain the same. The deaths/killings are a small, yet bold fraction of what myself and those who look like me deal with on a DAILY basis. If a man can be killed in broad daylight, what do you think happens in the professional workforce? When we walk into stores? When cops racially profile us? When you hide your purse in the elevator? When you dismiss us all as drug dealers, upon appearance? When you only treat some of us well, because of our professions? We do not request pity. We do not need apologies. We want change. We want equality. I love every single person on this earth (even those that have done me wrong), but I too STAND today, exhausted. I pray you all are safe, and I pray for the hearts of the wicked. I love you all, God bless ✊🏾#gazelle #blacklivesmatter

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