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Luchi Reveals He Roomed with Taylor Twellman During U-17 USMNT Days

FRISCO, Texas - On today's episode of “The Luchi Gonzalez Show” on 105.3 The Fan, presented by Toyota, head coach Luchi Gonzalez spoke about how the team's progressed in training this week and also touched on FCD's Virtual Graduation which aired Wednesday night with ESPN's Taylor Twellman delivering the commencement speech.

If you missed the live episode, here are some highlights from this week’s installment. Plus, you can also listen to the whole episode after it airs on The Fan's website

Luchi first gave an overview of how FC Dallas training has been over the last few weeks and how it's reignited his passion for the game. 

"I think there's been progress over the last three weeks, working with the guys at the facility," Luchi said. "It's been great for the players and staff and I think that was obviously phase one of what MLS has allowed. There's discussion of having small group training. I think that'd be great so the players have decisions and references like teammates and opponents and I think those are important things because the game is about decisions. That would be a good next step for us but that hasn't been approved yet but hopefully it's close.

"I'm not going to lie, I've had a blast the last few weeks getting back to work with the players. That feeling of love and passion for the game is always there and I think it's gotten stronger. We're doing little competitions, games and relay races. The players are pushing each other and there's banter. I'm enjoying what we've got and I'm sure there will be progression as we go on."

On Wednesday, May 27, FC Dallas and Chase hosted a virtual graduation ceremony for over 250 high school seniors whose traditional graduations were affected by the lockdown. Luchi himself gave a few opening remarks before giving the floor to FCD midfielder Tanner Tessmann

"I had a good 2-3 minutes to share a quick note of congratulations to these graduates who did this under special circumstances," Luchi said. "I thought Tanner Tessmann gave a great, passionate and mature speech that was very motivating. I loved how he expressed himself and his journey and how he's looking forward to the next steps."

The commencement speaker was former MLS and USMNT forward Taylor Twellman. Luchi revealed on the show that he and Twellman roomed together as teenagers when they played for the U.S. U-17 national team.

"It was great to have him (Twellman) be a part of our club and community and to have him share his experience," Luchi added. "He shared how he had to deal with adversity when concussion ending his playing career and how he moved on to a become a sports analyst and he never expected that. Life took him in a different way and he's embraced it. His message was amazing and it was an honor to have him on the program. It was a special night."

As always, Luchi will join the guys on 105.3 The Fan again next Thursday at 1:30PM.