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Head Coach Luchi Gonzalez Discusses FCD's Return to Toyota Stadium on 105.3 The Fan

FRISCO, Texas - On today’s episode of “The Luchi Gonzalez Show” on 105.3 The Fan, presented by Toyota, FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez spoke about returning to training at Toyota Stadium for the first time in two months and touched on the rumor about the MLS season resuming in a tournament format.                                                   

If you missed the live episode, here are some highlights from this week’s installment. Plus, you can also listen to the whole episode after it airs on The Fan's website

On Monday, May 11, FC Dallas trained at Toyota Soccer Center for the first time since MLS enacted a training moratorium on March 13 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the players and coaches are still keeping their distance and following stringent safety protocols, the feeling around the training ground was one of excitement; especially for Luchi.

“The feeling has been amazing, just to see them in person, to catch up with them and see their body language,” Luchi said. “Zoom meetings have been fantastic and necessary but seeing their efforts and emotions when they’re competing is a beautiful thing. Just communicating with them in those ways has been positive. We’re only doing technical work in quadrants on different fields so we’re getting creative. The coaches are doing different stations and there’s rotations so that the players are finding value in it.”

Now that teams have returned to training, the obvious next question is when the MLS season will resume—and what it will look like once it does. There are rumors floating around that the season will be condensed into a tournament-like competition all taking place in one city. When asked about his thoughts on the idea, Luchi made it clear that he, and his team, are open-minded and prepared for whatever solution MLS thinks is best.

“The league is putting a plan together that is proposing a very safe and controlled environment to compete and play games with no fans,” he said. “But to play games that are meaningful and that count. I’m interested and we’re open to learn more. If that is the decision of the league and all the clubs unanimously agree, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and I know the players will be also.”

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