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FC Dallas Assistant Coach Peter Luccin Maintains Positive Mindset Through MLS Suspension

FRISCO, Texas – Despite the untimely interruption of the MLS season, FC Dallas assistant coach Peter Luccin is looking at the bright side while helping his players work through an unprecedented time.

“Obviously, our routine has changed a lot,” Luccin said. “But in the end, I think all the negative things happening right now are helping us see the positive things in life. I’m talking about what is truly important in life. In the end, I think it’ll help us change in a good way.”

The FCD coaching staff has been conducting video conference calls with players over the last few weeks while the MLS training moratorium is in effect. The calls serve two purposes. First to stay in touch on a personal level and second to maintain game readiness for when the season resumes.

The calls are segmented by position with Luccin taking charge of the defenders and occasionally midfielders as well.

“We talk about everything first. We talk about life, we talk about the mental aspect of the game and mental aspect of life,” said Luccin.  “After that, we start talking about more specific tactical things. All the video conferences we have are very interactive. It’s not just about the coach talking and players listening, you need to find a balance so the players can understand what we are looking for as a staff.”

With interaction among the key goals for these calls, Luccin has been impressed with his players’ input.

“All the players have surprised me,” he said. “It’s really good to listen to all the players when they share their thoughts and emotions. Everybody has been interactive. Even the players who used to be quiet, they have been very open and interactive with all their teammates. It’s been very productive and creative.”

Luccin admittedly misses working in a more hands-on way but understands this is their only option for the time being.   

[This] is the best thing to do so when we will be back, we are ready,” he said. “They’ve been very productive video conferences and I think everybody is enjoying them. Me personally, of course I miss the field and the grass and all the other things. But I try to look at the positive things right now.”