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Catching Up with Luchi Gonzalez: How His Team and Staff Are Working Through an Unprecedented Time

FRISCO, Texas – Like everybody in these uncertain times, Luchi Gonzalez and his FC Dallas coaching staff have had to be nimble to navigate through this new, ever-changing situation.

In a conference call with media earlier this week, Luchi shed some light on how the team is doing personally and the steps being taken to maintain health and fitness during the league-wide training moratorium.

Without access to team facilities, the training staff have devised specific workout regimens the players can do from the comfort of their own homes using common household items. This can involve using shoes instead of cones, or books in leu of dumbbells.



Soon, the players will also be given nutrition guides to maintain a balanced diet over the period they’re away.

“We do have a nutritionist on the team, Brittney [Bearden], who is working on getting meal plans set up for the players starting next week,” Luchi said. “Knowing we are currently limited, she will offer suggestions on what we can eat and what we can buy at stores while keeping in mind that going to the store may be an obstacle right now. But she will send a guide for players to follow.”

Aside from basic exercises and nutrition plans, Luchi is working with his staff on creative solutions to keep their players prepared and engaged.

“In terms of soccer, I’m confident in my staff,  Peter [Luccin], Mikey [Varas], Drew [Keeshan], Vander [Salas], Fredy [Herrera] and in the rest technical staff around me to come up with ideas to keep our players active and stimulated. We have some creative ideas for both on and off the field, or right now it’s more inside and outside their homes. We are going to start executing some of these ideas this weekend or first thing next week. This first week, it’s all about the basics and doing simple things to get into a system. Next week, we will be more confident on how we are going to move forward.”

As always, Luchi also made it clear that this situation is bigger than FC Dallas, MLS and sports in general. 

"Everyone be strong. Be conscious, and respectful to your neighbor by having distance. If you’re helping to do so without physically touching [to stop the spread of the virus]. We are all human beings, we have our rights, and we are all in this together. Together is how we will overcome these situations. Whether you’re a 20-year-old with good health or a 60-year-old person, we all have to be respectful of each other and be aware of how the virus spreads and do the right things to protect everyone."