2.24 Academy Recap

ACADEMY: Recap and Results from the Weekend of February 23rd

FRISCO, Texas- The Academy was back in full action this past weekend. The Girls hosted Lonestar Academy here in Frisco, along with the Boys U-19s who faced Real Salt Lake. The rest of the Boys Academy headed south to Fort Worth to take on the Dallas Texans before facing Sporting Kansas City on Sunday at Toyota Soccer Center 


  • U-19s: A tough weekend for the Boys led to them finishing with a draw and a loss. They drew 3-3 against Real Salt Lake thanks to goals from Andres Dicun, and Edward Knight III with an own goal from RSL. 
  • U-17s: Following a tough couple losses last weekend, the boys continue to try and find some momentum and rhythm as the season heats back up. They broke even with one win and one loss this weekend. They lost to the Dallas Texans 2-1, due to an own goal in the 70th minute. Santiago Ferreira kept the team on the board by scoring a goal in the first half. They beat Sporting Kansas City 3-0 with goals from Philip Akem, Collin Smith, and Adrian Anguiano
  • U-15s: Unable to keep the momentum going following Houston, the Boys will look to bounce back this week after drawing 1-1 against the Dallas Texans, and lost to Sporting Kansas City 2-3. Goals were scored by Kevin Kelley and Jared Aguilar
  • U-14s: The Boys started off strong after a break winning against the Texans 4-0. Nayrobi Vargas Valerio scored a brace with Kristian Kelley, and Alejandro Urzua both finding the goal at least once. 
  • U-13s: The U-13s lost their momentum from their strong win against San Antonio a couple weeks ago, and ended this weekend with a 1-1 draw against the Dallas Texans. Jeyden Arboleda led the team to find the net in the beginning of the second half tying the match after the Texans had scored early in the first half. 
Date Game Location Result
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-19 vs Real Salt Lake U-19 Frisco, TX D, 3-3
Feb. 23 FC Dallas U-19 vs Sporting Kansas City U-19 Frisco, TX L, 0-2
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-17 vs Dallas Texans U-17 Fort Worth, TX L, 1-2
Feb. 23 FC Dallas U-17 vs Sporting Kansas City U-17 Frisco, TX W, 3-0
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-15 vs Dallas Texans U-15 Fort Worth, TX D, 1-1
Feb. 23 FC Dallas U-15 vs Sporting Kansas City U-15 Frisco, TX L, 2-3
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-14 vs Dallas Texans U-14 Fort Worth, TX W, 1-0
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-13 vs Dallas Texans U-13 Fort Worth, TX W, 1-0


  • U-19s: The Girls continue to build on their winning streak as they beat Lonestar 3-0. Samar Guidry returned to score a brace in the second half, with Samiah Phiri scoring once. 
  • U-17s: Continuing their trend upward to success the girls won 3-1 against Lonestar SC thanks to goals from Riley Baker, Hannah Boughton and Paige Dickson.
  • U-16s: The girls rediscovered their groove this weekend and got back into the win column with goals coming from Taylor Zdrojewski and Allyson Richardson
  • U-15s: The U-15s are still looking to build their confidence and consistency as they fell short against Lonestar SC losing 0-1 this weekend. 
  • U-14s: Jada Reyes led the girls to victory over Lonestar SC scoring the only goal of the match in the second half. 
  • U-13s: Beginning a winning streak the U-13s beat Lonestar SC 4-1 following their win last week over Solar. Brooke Howard scored a brace with Nylah Norris, and Isabelle Traub scoring single goals each. 
Date Game Location Result
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-19 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-19 Frisco, TX W, 3-0
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-17 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-17 Frisco, TX W, 3-1
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-16 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-16 Frisco, TX W, 3-1
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-15 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-15  Frisco, TX L, 0-1
Feb. 22 FC Dallas U-14 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-14  Frisco, TX W, 1-0
Feb. 23 FC Dallas U-13 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-13 Frisco, TX W, 4-1

Next Week: The Boys U-14s and U-13s host Lonestar SC Academy in Frisco at the Toyota Soccer Center while the rest of the Boys Academy has a week off, returning to action the weekend of March 7th. The Girls Academy travels South down the way to Fort Worth to compete against the Dallas Texans.  For more information, visit the U.S. Soccer Development Academy website.