11.20 Sealy U-16 YNT

INT'L: U-16 Youth National Team Win Nike Friendlies

FRISCO, Texas- Dante Sealy and Seth Wilson traveled to Lakewood Ranch, Florida this past week to compete in the Nike Friendlies with the U.S. U-16s Youth National Team. 

The team claimed the tournament after a 3-2 comeback against Turkey on November 18th. Dante Sealy played a big role in the team's comeback by scoring a brace in the second half of the match. The U.S. U-16 YNT had two matches where late comebacks led to their victory, once against Turkey and once against the Netherlands. 

Dante Sealy had big games in both of the comeback wins scoring or getting assists in both.

Seth Wilson had some key saves in matches for the U-17s matches throughout the weekend helping to seal shutout wins and holding the opponents to their scores. He blocked a save at the end of the U-17s match against the Netherlands that allowed them to walk away with a draw. 

Both the U-16s and U-17 teams had success throughout the tournament but the U-16s won the tournament as a whole with a record of 2-0-1 in their matches throughout the weekend.