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North Texas SC Head Coach Eric Quill Speaks to #SoccerMatters

FRISCO - North Texas SC head coach Eric Quill did an interview with Soccer Matters on Horn FM (Austin), discussing North Texas SC’s title winning season and what the future holds for the team. Here are some of the highlights of his interview.

On North Texas SC’s Championship Win

“It was a really fun year. I learned a lot. The bigger picture was the gap that was bridged at FC Dallas. All of these talents projections for teenagers were given a platform to play in their backyard under their philosophy. This is a healthy way to bridge the gap for our young players. For me, seeing the players grow was the best part.”

On the difference between USL League One, USL Championship, and MLS

“I don’t see a big difference between the levels in the USL. They can be more athletic, but some USL League One Teams play some good soccer. It’s a high level of play for us. To put in in perspective, Brandon Servania was not getting minutes for FC Dallas, so he came down and played for us, got 90 minutes consistently. Then he goes to the U-20 World Cup as a starter, comes back and starts the rest of the season for FC Dallas. Without USL League One, Brandon Servania might not have made that jump.”

On the Youth in the team

“I mean we had weeks where the average age of the team was 18. Most of their growth came from learning how to use their body. They are 40-50 pounds less than these players, but they learned how to initiate contact and use their bodies, as well as providing a tactical edge. They will make the jump to FC Dallas and we can see those changes."

On Working with Luchi Gonzalez

“We collaborate every single day. We talk about integration players on both teams. We discuss every day any second team players to discuss how they did, what areas of weakness that we need to work on. It wouldn’t be possible without the culture."