11.7 Media Roundtable Part Five

2019 FC Dallas End-of-Year Media Roundtable — Part Five: Room for Improvement

FRISCO, Texas — The 2019 season has concluded for FC Dallas after suffering a first-round playoff defeat to the Seattle Sounders, 4-3, in overtime. FC Dallas had the youngest roster in MLS with a first-year head coach who gave the second-most amount of minutes to Homegrown players — only trailing Real Salt Lake.

The season had its ups and downs, but the highs were significant. The team was developing its own identity and style of play throughout the year — something that will only continue to improve moving forward.

To wrap up 2019, we caught up with different members of the media who cover FC Dallas — including Carlos Alvarado, the Spanish voice of FC Dallas, The Dallas Morning News's Jon Arnold, ProSoccerUSA's Arman Kafai, and FC Dallas broadcasters, Mark Followill and Steve Davis.

This Roundtable discussion will be split up into six parts — each one going over different topics. In the first four parts, the media graded the coaching staff, this season's Offensive MVP, chose their breakout player they didn't expect to see, and the 2019 Defensive MVP. Up next, the media takes a look at who didn't live up to expectations this season.

Was there a player who didn't live up to expectations this season?

Alvarado: I could not mentioned one in specific, bet there were a few that were inconsistent.

Arnold: I guess this feels quite harsh on the player for me, but Edwin Gyasi? The club made a move to get a dynamic winger they thought could solve their problems there and we really didn't get to see much from him.

Davis: For the relatively high salary outlay and for the expectations with which he arrived two years ago, Santiago Mosquera simply has not delivered. He transferred from Millonarios and as a Young Designated Player before the 2018 season, but 9 goals and 7 assists has been the sum total production. Three words: Just not enough. Not when FCD could very likely get the same production from a homegrown player now working his way through the academy ranks. It might be different if Mosquera was more industrious, someone would could generate chances by creating turnovers through pressing. But he’s not particularly good at that, either, and that severely limits his utility in Luchi Gonzalez’s system.

Kafai: Mosquera. A designated player scoring three goals and two assists in a season is not good. He's not showing those bursts that we see out of Barrios and constantly loses the ball in goal-scoring opportunities. There's a reason why Dallas had a revolving door of left-wings; they struggled to find a player that could produce. Dom Badji was playing out of position and Edwin Gyasi just didn't fit. Should've opened the door for Mosquera to take that spot by the horns but he struggled to do so.

Followill: Santiago Mosquera. Injuries and inconsistency resulted in a 50-percent drop in statistical production from the previous season. They needed more from him as left wing, which was probably the most revolving-door spot in the Starting XI this year.