9.9 Academy Recap

ACADEMY: Boys and Girls Results for the Week of August 31st and September 7th

FRISCO, Texas- The Boys and Girls Academy teams started their season back up over the past two weeks. The beginning of the season looked good across the board. 


  • U-19s: The U-19s started their season with a dominant 9-1 win over the Houston Dynamo U-19s with Malik Henry- Scott recording a hat trick. Jose Kevin Bonilla scored twice, and Andres Dicun, Tanner Tessmann, Beni Redzic, and Jonathan Gomez all also found the back of the net. 
  • U-17s: The U-17s started their season with a 2-2 draw against the Houston Dynamo. Luis Medina and Slade Starnes both found opportunities to score in the second half responding to Houston's early goals and ending the match in a draw.
  • U-15s: The U-15s won over Houston with a score of 3-2. Tarik Scott started the response to Houston's two early goals in the 34th minute. In the second half Christopher Sanchez tied the game in the 46th minute, and Nolan Norris sealed the win in the 66th minute. 
  • U-14s: The U-14s have now played two matches. One against the Houston Dynamo where they won 3-0 with Matthew Corcoran, Kristian Kelley, and Jared Salazar finding the net. They also won 9-0 over the Lonestar Academy with multiple players finding the score sheet. Alejandro Urzua found the net twice. Gabrial Brandon, Henry Canizalez, Kristian Kelley, Malachi Molina, Isaac Nascimento, Jared Salazar, and Nayrobi Vargas Valerio all added to their stat sheets. 
  • U-13s: The U-13s played the last two weeks starting their season with a 2-0 record. They beat the Houston Dynamo 3-1 with Jeyden Arboleda scoring twice and Sean Albritton scoring once. They also won against the Lonestar Academy 5-1 with Brice Miller scoring twice, Angel Lopez finding the net, Christian Bazaluda, and Jeyden Arboleda all adding to the win. 
Date Game Location Result
Aug. 31 FC Dallas U-19 vs Houston Dynamo U-19 Dallas, TX W, 9-1
Aug. 31 FC Dallas U-16/17 vs Houston Dynamo U-17 Dallas, TX D, 2-2
Aug. 31  FC Dallas U-15 vs Houston Dynamo U-15 Dallas, TX W, 3-2
Aug. 31  FC Dallas U-14 vs Houston Dynamo U-14 Dallas, TX W. 3-0
Sept. 7  FC Dallas U-14 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-14 Frisco, TX W. 9-0
Aug. 31  FC Dallas U-13 vs Houston Dynamo U-13 Dallas, TX W. 3-1
Sept. 7  FC Dallas U-13 vs Lonestar Academy U-13 Dallas, TX W. 5-1


  • U-19s: The U-19s started their season with a draw against the Dallas Texans. Kaitlyn Giametta responded to the Texans first goal late in the first half which led to an even 1-1 draw. 
  • U-17s: The U-17s lost their first match against the Dallas Texans 2-4. Forward Maeve Jones scored both goals for the U-17s but couldn't close the gap. 
  • U-16s: The U-16s won 3-1 over the Dallas Texans scoring all three of their goals in the first half. Trinity Egerton scored twice, and Taylor Zdrojewski scored once. 
  • U-15s: The U-15s had a dominant 6-1 win to begin their season. Both Jaden Thomas and Aryanna Jimison found the net twice. Kenzie Tufts and Madison Stormberg also added to their stat sheets each scoring once. 
  • U-14s: The U-14s ended the weekend with a 5-1 win over the Dallas Texans. Taylor Person scored twice while Hayden Goodman, and Alexa Barker both scored once in the first half as well. Kayla Martinez sealed the win with a goal in the 74th minute. 
Date Game Location Result
Sept. 7  FC Dallas U-19 vs Dallas Texans U-19 Farmers Branch, TX D, 1-1
Aug. 31 FC Dallas U-16/17 vs Dallas Texans U-17 Farmers Branch, TX L, 2-4
Sept. 7 FC Dallas U-16 vs Dallas Texans U-16 Farmers Branch, TX W, 3-1
Sept. 7 FC Dallas U-15 vs Dallas Texans U-15 Farmers Branch, TX W. 6-1
Sept. 7  FC Dallas U-14 vs Dallas Texans U-14 Farmers Branch, TX W. 5-1

NEXT WEEK: The Boys U-19s, U-17s and U-15s head to Florida next week to face Inter Miami CF and Orlando City SC. The U-14s travel to Austin this week, and the U-13s return to play next week. The Girls Academy teams return to Toyota Soccer park to host the Houston Dash this weekend. For more information, visit the U.S. Soccer Development Academy website.