Rodriguez Brothers DL
North Texas SC

Brothers Arturo and David Rodriguez Reunited at North Texas Soccer Club

FRISCO - As North Texas Soccer Club builds its prowess for the inaugural season, two brothers aim to boost the club’s strength one goal at a time. Arturo and David Rodriguez, aged 20 and 16, respectively, are a force to be reckoned with.

“It’s a great experience to play on the field with him,” said Arturo. “As brothers, we understand each other better. Whether we are on or off the field, we are always together.”

After moving from Mexico four years ago, the Rodriguez brothers soon made a name for themselves in Texas soccer. Due to their age gap, they were only able to play together for one season in high school, yet that one season resulted in 48 goals between the two of them.

“My favorite memory is when we both played together in high school and we scored about 48 together goals during the season and we were both named co-MVPs in our district,” said Arturo. “That was an experience to play with him.”

Although only competing together briefly in high school, the brothers have maintained just as close of a relationship off the field.

“We’ve been really close. He went away for a year and a half, but when he came back, it was like nothing changed,” said David. “I spend most of the time around him.”

They dominated in the FC Dallas Youth Club and quickly moved on to the renowned FC Dallas Academy. David, now a North Texas SC midfielder, scored 10 goals in 13 games for the U-16 team last season and was the second North Texas SC player to sign straight from the Academy after Ricardo Pepi.

“He’s one of the most interesting players I’ve had since coming here, you can see enormous star quality in him,” said North Texas SC coach, Eric Quill, about David. “His left foot is magic and he has the ability to always being vertical, as he’s a guy that is looking to go forward whether it be on a dribble, a pass, or finding a shot for himself.”

Practicing with each other throughout their lives has produced a duo of remarkable skill and competition. Arturo, also a North Texas SC midfielder, quickly made his mark in the Academy by scoring the game-winning goal against CF Monterrey Rayados in Dallas Cup XXXVIII Final to lead FC Dallas to its first Gordon Jago Super Group title. Arturo has been able to lead his brother on and off the field, especially after moving to a new country.

“He always expects a lot of me on the field,” said David. “He’s been giving me advice of what to do, what not to do. Back then was really fun, but now it’s getting harder and competitive.”

Their parents encouraged the brothers to work harder together and move up in the ranks. The brothers believe they have a greater understanding of each other’s play styles than any other player on the field.

“Our parents are proud of us for being here in what I think is a great club,” said Arturo. “It’s the first season for this team, so my parents are excited for the opportunity we have here. With my brother, I understand our playing styles better and we work together as a team. With another player, I don’t know them as well and don’t necessarily know what they are going to do on the field.”

See the Rodriguez brothers begin their era at the inaugural game of North Texas Soccer Club on Saturday, March 30 at Toyota Stadium.

“We are going to do our best for the club, not for ourselves,” said Arturo. “We are going to work hard for the team from training to game days, giving everything our best effort.”