FC Dallas Preparing for First Road Game Under Luchi Gonzalez

FRISCO – As the team prepares for a matchup in the windy, chilly Columbus there are a few other factors to focus on. Not only do both teams currently have the same record heading in to week 3, but this will be Luchi Gonazalez’s first away game as the team’s head coach. 

Gonzalez said, “We want to maintain our identity, whether we’re playing home or away in terms of our futbol, our soccer.” There are a lot of factors he acknowledged as well about the difference between home and away games. “We will need to adapt. We’ll need to adapt to the field, their stadium, the climate, and how they play.” 

Fully aware that it’s his first road game, Gonzalez is confident that the team's identity will stay the same from home games to the road. When asked about the style of play, Reto Ziegler was confident in their game staying consistent as well.

“We are confident on the ball, it’s the way we are going to play all year so I don’t think we’re going to make big changes.”

Across the board players and coaches are excited and ready to prepare for the match against Columbus and have a confident approach to keeping the style of play the same no matter what the environments.