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Mike Guernica

FC Dallas Fans Share Their Soccer Love Stories on Valentine's Day

FRISCO – Valentine's Day has arrived and love is in the air...and at Toyota Stadium.

Last week, we asked fans to share their soccer love stories. Fans answered the call and shared stories that include how FC Dallas helped one woman fall in love with the beautiful game, a house divided and how FC Dallas was even represented at a wedding! A huge thanks to all of our fans, especially the ones that shared their personal stories! And Happy Valentine's Day.

I fell in love with my husband 16 years ago.

We were young but I was head over heels from the beginning. We began our married life together a couple years later but I was always competing for his attention with his first love...soccer. Having grown up in across the pond in England it seems to have somehow been inserted into his actual DNA. If he wasn’t playing soccer, he was watching soccer, coaching soccer, refereeing soccer, reading about soccer, talking about soccer or just sitting quietly pondering the nuances of the Offside Trap. It wasn’t something I grew up with and although I could appreciate the game in small doses, I just didn’t get the obsession.

He wanted to include me and I wanted to participate and be part of the thing he was so passionate about but it was a challenge. Fast forward to a few years and a couple of kids later and our journey brought us to the Dallas area. We started going to FC Dallas games as a family and that’s when I really got hooked. I finally understood and grew to love the game as well, which helped us grow closer than ever. We got our season tickets and have never looked back! Now I love him, he loves me and we both love FC Dallas. - Tricia Burn

Not a complete FC Dallas love story since my fiancé, Bryce, is technically a Seattle Sounders fan.

However, we do attend FC Dallas games and he will cheer them on. We also have a tradition to attend the Seattle Sounders vs FC Dallas games since we started dating 4 years ago! We both love playing soccer together, and I actually grew up playing club for FC Dallas! We have so many memories from the past 4 years, and can’t wait for many more! Go FC Dallas! - Erica Cervantes

FC Dallas was "forced" upon my wife when we first met.  She accompanied me to nearly every match.  We tailgated before and after each match to "let the traffic die down."  At our wedding she even let me have an FC Dallas groom's cake!  

We just celebrated or 4th wedding anniversary on Feb 7th.  We have since added two kiddos to our roster, Sutton and Renner.  - Mike + Rowan + Sutton + Renner Guernica
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