Matt Denny Brings Life-Long Passion to Role as North Texas Soccer Club General Manager

FRISCO - Matt Denny has turned his passion for soccer into his life's work.

The Nottingham, England-native brings a decorated career and vast experience to his new role as General Manager of North Texas Soccer Club. Denny grew up as a fan and played semi-professionally in England before before transitioning to coaching and consulting. State-side, Denny served as the Director of the Lyons Township Soccer Club outside of Chicago before moving to Texas and working for the last nine years in the FCD front office, most recently as the Director of Group Ticket Sales.

“Matt is a guy who has been here, been loyal and he is as hard a worker. He’s done every aspect of this business," said FC Dallas President Dan Hunt. "He has a good understanding of the game and also what we want to achieve. He checks all the boxes for general manage, and I’m excited for his professional path and his development."

"I feel very fortunate having this opportunity and the faith that ownership has shown in me," said Denny. "I think that throughout my career I’ve really tried to seek out every opportunity to learn, not just what I'm doing but every nuance of an organization. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work closely with every department here in Dallas and see how every department works and I think it’s really prepared me for this role.”

As General Manager, Denny will oversee strategic planning, ticket and sponsorship sales, marketing and public relations for the League One franchise. He'll also work hand-in-hand with the technical side of the organization in helping bridge the gap between the FC Dallas first team and the Academy along the way. 

The opportunity to leave his mark on this brand-new franchise and impact soccer, not only in Frisco, but across the region is something he values.

“North Texas Soccer Club is something that we really wanted to connect with the whole North Texas soccer community, and when we were putting this together we wanted to bring that all together and make sure it’s something people can connect with and feel apart of,” Denny said. “We really want to get out to the whole of North Texas and explore all of the communities and have a connection with those around North Texas.

"A success for me is going to be when people can walk away and say this is entertaining, it’s exciting and the fans can see the young players and get to know these players in a more intimate level so that when they make the jump to the first team, they've built that connection with them and can continue their soccer fandom."