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ASK THE EXPERTS: What Additions or Moves Are Needed Before 2019?

FRISCO - Last, but certainly not least in our four-part series: What additions or moves are needed ahead of 2019?

Steve Davis - National MLS Writer and FCD Color Analyst

Dependable, goal-scoring strikers are valuable. They can be quite expensive. And yet, that’s what FCD needs most.

Past that, Jesse Gonzalez may have reached a plateau in his development; he may need a change of scenery in order to progress.

And FC Dallas desperately needs one vocal, veteran man who will keep players accountable on the field. The team has plenty of “good guys” and good soccer players. They may need one man who won’t always be quite so agreeable when details aren’t meticulously observed, or when effort and energy drop below optimal levels.

Add in one box-to-box midfielder, someone with a skill set not so closely aligned with Carlos Gruezo and Victor Ulloa.

Past that – and not that this is any breaking news – the new USL team will do wonders in “closing the gap.” That is, bridging the team’s successful academy efforts into the fully professional world. The gap is vast, to say the least, and games/minutes in the USL side will help enormously.

Jon Arnold - Dallas Morning News and

Bringing in a proven forward. I also think a central midfielder who plays better box-to-box could be useful. Neither Carlos Gruezo or Victor Ulloa can count getting forward as a strength, and there definitely were times when a late-arriving run would've been welcomed by Michael Barrios down the wing or Maxi Urruti with his back to the goal.

I do wonder if Oscar Pareja could be tempted to change schemes as well in the offseason. In the last several preseasons, he's toyed with the formation and then down the stretch pretty much stuck with what he's most familiar with. We saw moments of a 4-3-3 but I would've used it a lot more if I were him - and earlier in the season too.

Mark Followill - FCD Play-by-Play 

As far as additions, who knows who is attainable from literally a world full of names and possibilities. I'd say trying to guess specific names is a long shot at best so my focus is adjustments to how they play. I'd love to see the lineup more consistently feature a 10-8-6 midfield setup as opposed to the two 6s they've frequently used. Whether that's Aranguiz-Pomykal-Gruezo or another combination, let's allow competition in the team to establish that. But I like the idea of a more offensive minded midfielder who links the play between back and front and playing a 4-3-3 with that setup opens the possibilities to more quality attacks. I also recognize if you are going to take a 6 off the field and you still want your fullbacks to get forward when appropriate than you will need to ask more defensively of the wingers like Santiago Mosquera, who frankly struggled at times in that regard but I also thought he demonstrated he was capable of tracking back and providing honest defense when engaged to do so. I liked him enough in attack that I want him out there consistently but they will need more from him if they play the way I suggest.