Academy Nov. 10-11

ACADEMY: Results for Boys' and Girls' Academy Teams From November 10-11

FRISCO - The Boys' and Girls' Academy teams had a successful weekend on the road, check out their results below: 

Boys' Academy:

  • U-12s: The U-12s dominated their back to back games on the road this weekend.
  • U-13s: The U-13s defeated the Lonestar SC Academy U-13s, 3-1, with goals by Alejandro Urzua, Gustavo Quiroz, and Matthew Corcoran. 
  • U-14s: The game was a 2-2 draw heading into the second half when Nighte Pickering gained momentum and scored two back-to-back goals to bring home a victory for the U-14s. The goals in the first half were courtesy of Tarik Scott and Anthony Ramirez. 
  • U-15s: The U-15s took control of the game by scoring all three goals in the first half. Gonzalo Agustoni-Chagas scored the first goal of the game, then Berin Droemer scored two back-to-back goals going into the half. The teams only conceded one goal in their on the road win. 
  • U-17s: Ricardo Pepi opened up scoring in the first half giving the U-17s an early lead, David Rodriguez then scored a goal in the second half giving the team a second advantage. The Lonestar SC Academy U-17 team then scored a goal in the 85th minute, to which Camilo Estrada answered back with a goal of his own in the final minutes of the game. 
  • U-19s: The U-19s dominated on the road, the team scored three goals in the first half and two in the second. Ben Redzic completed a hat-trick and Dante Sealy was well on his way to one but settled for scoring two goals and a win for the team. 
Date Game Location Result
Nov. 10 FC Dallas U-12 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-12 Round Rock, TX W 5-2
W 2-0
Nov. 10 FC Dallas U-15 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-15 Austin, TX W 3-1
Nov. 10 FC Dallas U-17 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-17 Austin, TX W 3-1
Nov. 10 FC Dallas U-19 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-19 Austin, TX W 5-1
Nov. 11 FC Dallas U-13 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-13 Round Rock, TX W 3-1
Nov. 11 FC Dallas U-14 vs Lonestar SC Academy U-14 Round Rock, TX W 4-2

Next Week: FC Dallas U-12, U-13, U-14, and U-15 teams will return home to take on the San Antonio FC Academy teams on November 17, while the U-17 andU-19 teams will have a long break before they reconvene on January 26. For more information, visit the U.S. Soccer Development Academy website. 

Girls' Academy: 

  • U-14s: The U-14s shut out the Dallas Texans on the road with goals by Madison Stormberg, Kenzi Tufts, Lauren Omholt, and Taylor Cheatham. 
  • U-15s: The U-15 team also sealed a shut out win with an opening goal from Jayme Ramirez in the 2nd minute and two goals in the second half by Taylor Zdrojewski and Kerrigan Ferland. 
  • U-17s: The U-17s fell to the Dallas Texans 1-0 after conceding a goal in the first half and not being able to produce. 
  • U-19s: The U-19s dominated their game this weekend behind a hat trick by Diana Ordonez, two goals a piece from Jaedyn Shaw and Haley Smith, and a goal a piece by Hollyn Torres and Riley Baker. 
Date Game Location Result
Nov. 10 FC Dallas U-14 vs Dallas Texans U14 Fort Worth, TX W 4-0
Nov. 10 FC Dallas U-15 vs Dallas Texans U-15  Fort Worth, TX W 3-0
Nov. 10 FC Dallas U-17 vs Dallas Texans U-17 Fort Worth, TX L 1-0
Nov. 10 FC Dallas U-19 vs Dallas Texans U-19 Fort Worth, TX W 9-1

Next Week: FC Dallas U-14, U-15, U-17, and U-19 Girls' Academy teams will head to back home to take on the Solar Soccer Club on November 17. For more information, visit the U.S. Soccer Development Academy website.