ACADEMY: Maestro Becomes Profe as Javier Morales Joins FC Dallas Academy Coaching Staff

FRISCO- FC Dallas Academy is known for its great success in signing Homegrowns, but it all starts from bottom up. Former midfielder Javier Morales, also known as “El Maestro,” has returned to the club in an official capacity, as part of the U-13 Academy coaching staff. 

“The truth is that the change was a lot more simple than what I thought,” said Morales. “It was not difficult for me and I truly enjoy it. I had thought about becoming a coach since I was a player. I was always very curious about the technical and tactical side of the game. So, it has always been something I like and that I am fond of. Now, I have the opportunity to be a coach here in Dallas and I am very happy.”

The U-13 roster, which has 24 players, is a pivotal stage in the learning process and Morales has big shoes to fill. Just last year, the U-13 age group won the U-13 Dallas Cup cosched by Peter Luccin. 

“This age group is very particular because we are in a transitional period,” said Morales. “They come from playing 9v9 [at the U-12 level] and now play 11v11. It’s a very important process for them because they start learning about the spaces created in the field, the different levels of speed, even the field they get to play on is a lot bigger. These are all things we start to teach them plus, I teach them some of my personal experiences that I’ve had throughout my career.”

Those personal experiences are the ones that help mold the younger players FCD looks to create and it is also something that motivates Javier Morales on a day-to-day basis. 

“Our job as a coach is to give the players as many tools as possible for them to continue growing throughout the year, which is how long you have them for,” said Morales. “I want to thank everyone, especially the club who opened the doors to me from the very first day and Luchi. What excites me the most is to be able to try and transmit everything that I know and anything that I’ve lived. So it’s about trying to share your experiences with the guys, in this case with your team. Then when you see your reflection in a game or in a practice or in a player when they do something that you taught them, it is very fulfilling. It's a feeling that you appreciate.”