FC Dallas' Homegrowns Thomas Roberts, Brandon Servania and Chris Richards with Bayern Munich

FRISCO - FC Dallas Homegrowns are taking over Munich. 

Brandon Servania and Thomas Roberts are wrapping up a 10-day training stint with loanee Chris Richards at Bundesliga powerhouse.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here, training with the first team, going on the preseason tour. That was a dream come true being able to play with some of the guys I’ve grown up watching,” said Richards, who has been with FC Bayern since early July. “Coming here playing with the U-19 team, it’s been a really great experience for me.” 

Richards was joined by his fellow FCD Academy products, who gained a new appreciation for his sport after being able to play in another country. 

“That’s one of the amazing things about soccer is you're able to travel, see other parts of the world, meet other people, make a lot of new friends, and just experience different cultures,” Servania said. “Soccer’s a beautiful game and everyone plays it a little bit different so it’s amazing to come here and take away as much as I can from Munich and bring it back to Dallas.” 

With FC Bayern Munich, the players are able to learn soccer from the elite German team, observe their tactics, and experience their style of play. As a part of the Elite Player Development partnership between the two clubs, the players are be able to evolve their game and bring back the skills to benefit FC Dallas. 

“Well the first thing I would tell them is how great the facilities are here, and how each and every training session you come out here 100 percent knowing that it’s going to be a battle everyday,” Roberts said. “Everyone competes, that’s different here, that’s the different part about the US and here in Bayern.” 

Roberts' and Servania’s stint with the German club is drawing to a close and will return to Dallas, while Richards remains with FC Bayern's U-19 squad.