FRISCO- For FC Dallas Season Member Jason Stevens, this 4th of July will mean so much more and now, he has a tattoo and a story to go along with it. 

“It was unreal after the first one everyone was looking around with my friends but the second one happened and everyone was like,” said Jason Stevens.

This 4th of July FC Dallas faced Atlanta United, the very first time that the five stripes played at the Toyota Stadium. With only five minutes left on the clock, Tesho Akindele scored two late goals to beat Atlanta United 3-2. In the meantime, Jason had made a bet that if Tesho would score, he would be tattooing his wrist with the Canadian Flag. 

“It was cool because everything just kind of came together. He reached out and thought it was an awesome idea that somebody was going to do it so he offered to go down and yeah it was really cool,” said Stevens. 

Through Twitter, he invited Tesho Akindele to be a part of his experience. Akindele did not hesitate and said he would be present.

“For a lot of people tattoos are like the story of your life or a little bit about who you are and Jason is a huge FC Dallas fan and obviously that game was huge for the team, huge moment for him it was really exciting for me as well,” said Akindele. “So I guess that is one good story that he has and he decided to put that on his body.”

Now Jason has a cool story to go along with his tattoo.

“It’s really nice to see a player interact with a fan that is wanting to do something like this,” said Josh Hall owner and tattooer. “How many fans come in and get a logo for this team and something regarding and they never see the person, the team a member of that team ever. So this guy coming out and being a part of it is pretty awesome.”

As for Jason, this might not be the last time we hear from him. 

“If FC Dallas wins the cup maybe Dan Hunt wants to get the crest with the start tattooed above it. I can do the same.”