FOUNDATION: FC Dallas Players Bartend For A Cause

FRISCO- Matt Hedges, Tesho Akindele, Victor Ulloa and Jimmy Maurer where among the players slinging drinks at Barrell and Bones Craft Bar and Smokehouse as they knew all tips would benefit the FC Dallas Foundation. 

The players dedicated some of their free time by volunteering as bartenders in order to help out the FC Dallas Foundation. For FC Dallas midfielder Victor Ulloa who worked the second shift, it meant more than just the tips. He enjoyed getting to know some of the FC Dallas fans but far beyond that being able to help a good cause.

“It’s a great cause, being from Dallas it means a lot,” said midfielder Victor Ulloa. “The FC Dallas Foundation has done great things for the city and continues to do great things so just encouraging everybody and happy for the people that came and donated.” 

The FC Dallas Foundation which serves to positively impact the health and well-being of underserved youth through sports was worth the two-hour shifts that the players took. Even if it seems easy from afar, for the players it was a new experience and a different challenge. 

“It was fun, we had a lot of FC Dallas supporters out here and just chatting with them, making some drinks and pouring some beers,” said defender Matt Hedges. “It was a cool experience and I had a great time but I think I’ll stick along the backline instead of behind the bar.” 

The players were challenged as drinks began to get complicated with orders of a 'Manhattan or Old Fashioned'. 

Matt Hedges wife Bea Hedges was one of the patrons who was not going to give Hedges an easy task.

“My wife asked me for a complicated drink,” said Hedges. “It was complicated when I started but I probably could have done it by the end of my shift. Also, a lot of people asked for an 'Old Fashion' and I had no idea what was going on there.” 

"He was a natural, out of five stars I give him five," said Bea Hedges.

That was not the only drink that was requested as Maurer had to learn to serve more drinks.

“Making a Manhattan was the biggest challenge of them all,” said goalkeeper Jimmy Maurer.  

For Tesho Akindele who earned the pro title due to his veteran status of an extra thirty-minute shift, was excited to see Matt Hedges and Victor Ulloa sub-in however, he was whiling to help his teammates out. 

“I'm a season pro now, I’ve been doing this for at least an hour an a half so if you need any tips, tricks or pointers I got you,” said FC Dallas forward Tesho Akindele. 

One thing all players agreed on was the fun experience however, they assured us their skills are better on the field. 

"It was fun, we had a lot of FC Dallas supporters out here and just chatting with them, making some drinks and pouring some beers" said Hedges. "However, I do want to stay on the backline and not behind the bar.”

If you would like to make a donation make sure to follow the FC Dallas Foundation.