SIGNING NIGHT: Brecc Evans, Perservered, Never Gave Up, Kept his Vision Clear

FRISCO- Brecc Evans, a U-19 FC Dallas Academy defender who is continuing his soccer journey at California Polytechnic State University. His whole family is in California so he likes to call it a “sweet homecoming,” however he cherishes the championship moments and reflects on all the lessons learned along his journey with the FC Dallas Academy. 

“I used to drive over an hour for soccer practice and had a really bad injury where I almost miss an entire year on the sidelines and the rehabilitation process was pretty gruesome,” said Brecc Evans. 

Waking up at 6 a.m. became a habit for the 6-foot-4-inch player who just wanted to play soccer. His first time wearing FC Dallas gear was in El Paso, an FC Dallas Affiliate. However, he would suffer a lower back stress fracture as he transitioned from the U-15 to the U-16s causing him to be in rehabilitation. A process that took longer than expected because a few months down the road he would have a second injury, this time in his adductor causing him to watch from the sidelines for almost an entire year. 

“I was his coach during that moment that injury happened and remember that transition,” recalls Academy Director Luchi Gonzalez. “More than coaches helping him through this, I would say we were doing what is best for the program. You know we don't guarantee starting minutes, we don't guarantee playing time to any player, players have to earn that.”

Brecc had to earn his minutes and was put on the Premiere Development Academy before his return to the U-16 Academy. A process he took as a lesson with one goal in mind, to continue giving it his very best. 

“More than maybe our coaches helping him through that he helped himself, he had a strong determination, a strong mentality to earn opportunities and not feel sorry for himself because of the injury.”

For Evans, it was constantly reminding himself why he kept going, why he wanted to do this, why he gave it his all both on and off the field. 

“My parents who are always supporting me; before every game I think about the things and the sacrifices that I have made to be where I am and just all the coaches throughout my career who have helped me and supported me to stay after practice to help me with the little extra things,” said Evans. 

Once he returned he surely came back stronger than ever. Evans would go on to be a part of the team that won the second-straight U-15/16 title, making FC Dallas the first club in Development Academy history to win back-to-back championships at the same age level.  

“Really, he just got better to compete and took it one day at a time and fully took advantage of his opportunities when they where granted and that's why he ended the season as a starting centerback of a National Championship team,” said Gonzalez. “I don't forget that process that he went through and that mental fortitude that he showed.” 

But, that perserverance would continue as the Cali native would be a key player during the Dallas Cup. A header from Brecc Evans would allow the ball to fall for Arturo Rodriguez. Charging towards goal, the FCD attacker twisted through Rayados defense setting himself for a right-footed shot over 30-yards marking the 2-1. Therefore, making the FC Dallas U-18 Academy to do what no other MLS Academy had been able to do before, win the Dallas Cup Gordon Jago Super Group title. 

“Mainly my love for the sport, when you get out on the field there is no better feeling, especially in the games with the adrenaline and everything is going, nothing compares to it."

Brecc Evans will continue his journey at San Luis Obisco, California pursuing a Biological Science Degree at California Polytechnic State University.