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FC Dallas

Eight More Reasons to Love FC Dallas in 2018

You know how talented FC Dallas players are on the pitch but a few of their passions away from soccer might surprise.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re showing our affection for our guys. Thanks to our wonderfully diverse roster featuring players from across the globe, there’s a lot of love to go around.

1) Kellyn Acosta’s Shoe Game

Kellyn showing off a pair of Gucci sneakers for a Bleacher Report story.

Kellyn Acosta talk knows his way around a high-end shoe store. Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton loafer or Giuseppe Zanotti sneaker, Kellyn understands how to wear the shoe and will surprise you with his depth of knowledge about the brand. 

I once asked him how many pairs of shoes he had. He smiled and didn’t answer back. Spoken like a true shoe-hound.

2) Roland Lamah’s Wardrobe


La Vie est un apprentissage on ne finit jamais d'apprendre quelque soit l'âge 😉😉

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Lamah making a stylish entrance on gameday.


L'élégance est une vertu #sapecommejamais# wedding @fernander45

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While we’re focusing on our more sartorial stars, you have to give it up to Roland Lamah. He isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to wardrobe and also isn’t afraid to hop on a plane to snap up a designer piece. During one three-day break last season, Lamah went to Paris to visit his family. He also did a bit of shopping, snagging pieces from Yves Saint Laurent. The man has a bold fashion sense and it’s fun to see what he’ll wear next.

3) Reto Ziegler's Instagram


☀️H O L I D A Y S☀️🇬🇷#santorini#filemou#kalimera#RZ3#3💏😎

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In keeping with the stylish theme, you have to join the almost 90-thousand strong following Reto Ziegler on Instagram. Ziegler is sharp when it comes to social media and it shows on Instagram.

When he’s not sharing images or videos of him playing or training, he’s posting pictures that look straight out Condé Nast Traveler. Whether on holiday in Santorini, Greece or dancing with his wife, Ziegler knows how to compose a visually compelling shot that makes you stop scrolling and wish you were on holiday with his family.

4) Victor Ulloa’s Dog and His Instagram Account


Getting in the Halloween spirit👻🎃

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Victor Ulloa has the most adorable French Bulldog, Pepe Le Pew. Of course Pepe has an Instagram (@PepeLePew1007) account which is full #DogsOfInstagram cuteness overload.

I mean…really. What else do we need to say?

5) Maynor Figueroa’s Cause

Maynor Figueroa is one of the most insightful athletes I’ve ever worked with and covered. Whether in an interview or candid conversation, he has something to offer. He’s also deliberate in everything he does. He doesn’t waste time, words or energy. He’s focused on impactful work, seemingly in everything he does.

His foundation, the eponymous Fundaçion Maynor Figueroa, is focused on providing resources to underserved communities throughout the world. In 2017, he donated a computer lab complete with tables, computers, a projector and other supplies to a school in Nueva Armenia, Honduras. 

Stay tuned for what he does in 2018. No doubt it will be another meaningful, impactful gesture.

6) Francis Atuahene’s Speech

FC Dallas selected forward Francis Atuahene with the fourth overall pick in the 2018 MLS SuperDraft in January. His speech stole the draft. Really.

I was in the media workroom when he took to the stage for his draft speech. When he started speaking, the fingers on laptops stopped tapping. Everyone looked up, watched and listened. The response? “Wow.” It was unanimous.

Francis’ spirit and smile are infectious. He is quick with a kind word and seems to remember details that many of us forget.

If you haven’t watched his speech, stop reading. Press play on the video above. You’re welcome.

7) Maxi Urruti’s Hair

Maxi Urruti rocked a Mohawk in 2017. At the start of the 2018 season, he’s going with an even more bold look: the bleach blonde ponytail. It’s out there…and it’s fabulous

8) Jimmy Maurer’s House Hunter’s International Appearance

It’s the series you love to binge watch that inspires a sense of wanderlust and #houseporn all in a tight 30-minute window. You know the drill: House Hunters International features a family who is moving to another country and trying to find the right place to live at the right price.

Jimmy Maurer can tell you it ain’t easy. When he relocated to Chile to play for Universidad de Concepción, Maurer along with his wife Kristen and son Brody needed a place to stay. A casting director contacted them about being on the show and they said yes.

To this day, the Maurers haven’t even watched the episode but thanks to Google, you can here.