PRESEASON: Homegrowns Brandon Servania, Kris Reaves and Jordan Cano Return to Where It All Began in Preseason

It was not the first time that Brandon Servania, Kris Reaves and Jordan Cano came to play at Toyota Soccer Center but, it was the first time that they played as a part of the FC Dallas first team. All three Homegrowns saw some familiar faces and we were lucky enough to capture the moment. 

Quick Facts:

  • FC Dallas has signed a total of 21 homegrown players, that is one more than the New York Red Bulls.
  • The average age of the 33 FC Dallas players in camp is 23.3
  • Homegrown age range from 16-25. 
  • Both Victor Ulloa and Kellyn Acosta have had their 100th league appearance for the club