HOMEGROWNS: “I grew up being on the other side of the fence watching training"

FRISCO- Week one of preseason has officially ended. For the FC Dallas homegrown players coming back was as they say “a dream come true.” As they stepped on the field for some drills and training wearing first team gear for the first time, they remembered the times they were a part of the FC Dallas Academy. 
“It’s a dream come true to be able to be back here and be some of the older guys and just growing up watching practice just from when we where playing,” said Jordan Cano. “It’s an honor to be here now and hopefully show that we can play here and that they’ve develop us enough to be a professional on this field.” 
A total of 21 homegrown players have signed a contract with the FC Dallas Team, one more than the New York Red Bulls. FC Dallas is also one of the only teams in MLS to train one field away from its academy teams, a poignant memory for FCD’s newst homegrown players: Brandon Servania, Kris Reaves, and Jordan Cano. 
“I grew up being on the other side of the fence watching training. So just wanting to be here since I was young.” said Kris Reaves.
“I mean I have been here a few times being able to cross the fence and train with the pros but now that I am actually a pro, the expectations are higher but, it is nice to finally be on the field,” said Servania. “It’s great, we can relate a lot some of us going to the Academy and then coming back, we have a lot of memories” mentioned Servania as the group of homegrowns talked about the first days of training.  
As practice ended, the young players made one quick stop across the fence to see some familiar faces - coaches who have known them throughout their childhood. 
“They are proud of us especially all the homegrowns that have been able to sign for the team,” said Servania. “It’s just great to be able to thank them for all that they’ve done for us and can’t forget the people who brought you to where you are, so just thankful for them.”
A total of 12 former FC Dallas Academy players are locked in preseason battles for a spot on the 2018 FC Dallas roster. Some are veterans like Kellyn Acosta or Victor Ulloa, others are barely out of high school like, Bryan Reynolds or Jesus Ferreira, but all have stepped across the 15-foot border that divides amateur and professional at Toyota Soccer Center.