ACADEMY: "This team has gone from fourth to first place on her back with the goals that she is scoring”

FRISCO - Morganne Eikelbarner, FC Dallas Girls' U-15 Academy forward has started her 2017-18 season as the top girls' scorer in the nation, scored a total of 19 goals in just 12 games played. 

“I was just so surprised I did not even know that I was top scorer and it was really hard to stay on the top. It’s a lot of competition so you have to do your best every practice and every game,” said Eikelbarner. 

Morganne who is known as “Mo” on the field is ahead by two goals. Emily Colton from the LA Galaxy San Diego follows her with 17 goals. 

Rank Goals GP GPG Player Name Team
1 19 12 1,5833 Morganne Eikelbarner FC Dallas U-15
2 17 12 1,4167 Emily Colton LA Galaxy San Diego U-15
3 15 13 1,1538 Velize King Legends FC U-15

Accomplishing this throughout the season was something unexpected for Morgan who has had several setbacks throughout the year. She hurt both of her hamstrings last year and injured her ankle and knee this year. 

“I’ve been through injuries, I’ve been through tears because it’s really hard and sometimes you just have to power through the hard times. Even when you don’t score a game you just have to brush it off and do your best the next game,” commented Eikelbarner. 

However, being a part of the FC Dallas Academy motivated her and kept her going. 

“Definitely it’s been hard getting back from these injuries but my teammates just really inspire me to do my best every time. I could not ask for a better teammates  or some better coaches,” said Eikelbarner. 

“To have the top scorer in the country not only in goals per game but in total games for me represents the evolution of our program. We recently won a National Championship, this team has gone from fourth to first place on her back with the goals that she is scoring,” said U-15 and U-17’s Head Coach Matt Grubbs. 

You can find Morganne on the field practicing along the FC Dallas Girls' Academy as she continues to pursue being the top scorer in the nation. Going through the season was not easy and wants to remind everyone who is going through an injury to never give up. 

“Don’t stop doing what you love and just find that light in your life and just reach for it,” said Eikelbarner.